Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Artists to Depress You.

**Yoav, who is opening up for Tori Amos on her North American tour, has sent a couple of streams, and I must say that this guy is the perfect partner for Amos' spiritual musical stylings. With a vocal range that tests the entire roller coaster of sound on "Beautiful Lie," Yoav's sound is one that you'll likely be attracted to and stuck on at first listen. I think it's safe to say that I'm officially a fan. He's kind of fun to look at, too...

Yoav - "Beautiful Lie"

Yoav - "Club Thing"

**Are you incredibly depressed? You know how misery loves company, right? Well, a co-worker told me about this girl, and then I saw a blip on her in People Magazine. And VH1, I think. Anyway, listen to A Fine Frenzy if you need some of that music that sets off the waterworks. It's good to cry every now and then. "Almost Lover" is sure to hit your soft spot, because, hey, who hasn't been there?!
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