Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday Newsday.

***Get Over It. Seriously. As I'm riding in the car listening to the 99X Morning Show, I hear Kayne West talking about how he didn't win one award AGAIN this year at the VMAs. Aw, poor baby! Let me pose this question to you, Kayne: Do you really think that winning an award from a miserably failing music television network (that doesn't even PLAY music) is going to put you in the history books? Put on your big boy pants and shut up about it! Or, do us all a favor and just quit now so we don't have to bring the cheese to listen to you whine.

***Speaking of the VMAs, I was too busy trying to figure out who Bret Michaels was going to cut on "Rock of Love" to switch stations and watch it, and it appears that I missed out on . . . nothing! I'm not sure how this is different from any other music awards show, though. Or anything that's aired on MTV period. Thanks to the Devil Stole the Beat for pointing this recap for me: Idolator.

***Here's some good news: Neil Young is going on tour. I'm hoping he's going to save the future of music while he's at it.

***You've pretty much got it musically made when your parents are James Taylor and Carly Simon. Read about their son, Ben Taylor, who's on tour right now.

***If you snort the Devil's Powder, your pets will learn it from watching you. What's next?

***I like that VH1 is acknowledging that it's not all bubblegum and facelifts. Even if they mostly lurve solo artists, at least the ones they love don't suck ass.

I'm so disgusted about what I'm reading as "news" that I think I'm going to just stop now. There are a ton of new releases today, but I can't find a good list that doesn't pose the competition between 50 Cent and Kayne. Ugh, who carrrreeeeesssss? Don't answer that.
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