Friday, September 14, 2007

Trances Arc - XOXOX

This fall, Atlanta's Trances Arc is releasing a full-length album called simply XOXOX, thanks to their recent signing with Slush Fund Recordings. Although I've already had a taste of some of the songs on the tracklist, this is the first time I've had the full meal of the finished product. TA has been around the rock scene for a while, so if you're familiar with their past material, this shouldn't be much of a surprise for you, despite some line-up changes and attempts to create a grittier, more "indie," less mainstream sound. Singer Eric Toledo's wavering vocals are the most captivating part of this disc, as I find myself feeling like the music is somewhat repetitive and predictable. But then again, I'm one of those people that likes a few different sounds in one place rather than a lump of a "signature" sound.

Check out "Parliament" and "Don't Like Leaving" (my favorite) for the best of what TA has to offer. The latter is one of those I know I'm going to find myself putting on every playlist I make to keep myself motivated to escape the boredom at the real job. When Trances Arc decides to kick the harder rock, they do it well enough to make me wish I would've worn strap on shoes so I wouldn't lose them during the involuntary tapping my feet tend to do. If you're into ballad-rock tunes that warrant the anticipation of a possibly sweet make-out session, or if you just like that Fray-type sound, "Cold Drivers" and "Look Up" will satisfy your need for that kind of fix. It's like slow-dancing at the prom with that super cute, innocent girl/guy.

Personally, I enjoy their live show, which you'll be able to see in just one week! Atlantis Music Conference is going on starting next Friday, and Trances Arc will be showcasing with a really stellar group of bands: The Empties, Modern Society (who apparently just won some kind of development contract, but I wasn't really paying attention because I don't really care for them), Y-O-U, Rantings of Eva, and Steadlur. Bands start at 9:00, and it's $8.00 (or $10, I've seen two different things) to get in if you're not lucky enough to have a wristband or conference pass. Oh, and it's at the Star Bar in Little 5 Points. I will be there to watch the best thing happening that night, as it is every year during this time.
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