Thursday, September 27, 2007

Newly Released Albums That Scream "Awesome."

Coming back from vacation is not fun. However, finding a slew of new music on your desk when you do makes it slightly more tolerable. I've mentioned a couple of these before, but now that I've heard the full-length albums, I can give a better opinion.

-Magnet (aka Even Johansen), The Simple Life: Um, yeah, this guy is amazing. Think about if Rufus Wainwright, Josh Rouse, and Damien Rice came together, merged their music and lyrics into one, and then packaged it up with a pretty bow. Then you'll understand Magnet. I have a new addiction, and this is it. I'm quite smitten with the previous album, The Tourniquet, as well.

-Grand Ole Party, Humanimals: This album brings a carnival-like blues sound, and it brings that sound with a lounge singer laced in rock fronting it. Sound interesting? Well, that's because it is.

-Sea Wolf, Leaves in the River: This is a great collection of songs to get you in the mood for the fall and winter and the trials of nature that come with them. Many references to leaves and the weather throughout the songs just heighten the idea of the music, which is soothing and relaxing without putting you to sleep.

-Sunday Drivers, Archetypes EP: Like I've said before, the new-new wave is fluent throughout this band's music. The Editors, She Wants Revenge, and Human League might be a little jealous that the Sunday Drivers are doing as good as or better than they are.
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