Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Humpday Inboxoscopy, Part Trois.

This is my new favorite thing to do since it eliminates all the crap from my mailbox. Yay!

**Do you remember when I was raving over that super cute Irish kid (mmm...Irish boys) Fionn Regan? Well, he just released some US tour dates, one including the Five Spot in Atlanta on September 20th. I'm going to use my cloning techniques to be in two places at once that night.

I demand you listen to this and go see him if you can. For real. It's amazing. Check out a sample taste here.

Fionn Regan - "The Underwood Typewriter"

**Some soundtrack news for you that perked my ears since I've predicted the comeback of grunge for about a year now...Eddie Vedder is lending his musical genius to the "Into the Wild" soundtrack. I've been sent "Hard Sun," which is the single, but I haven't been able to listen to the entire thing since the label sent a stream and it keeps freezing on me. But the tidbit I heard has me intrigued. Look for the movie and the music in late September.

**Division Day, a band with no plans to hit Atlanta yet, are releasing Beartrap Island on October 2nd, but you can get it on iTunes early, as usual. Here are a couple for you...

Division Day - "Every Shining Time You Arrive" (yes, it's a Sunny Day Real Estate cover)

Division Day - "Tigers"

**Sigur Ros will have a brand spanking new album and DVD hitting stores in November. This makes me happy because I don't think there are too many foreign bands I can fully appreciate when I have no idea what they're singing about. Can't wait for this one, seeing that Takk was amazing.

**Coming to the EARL on October 19th with Film School is Eulogies. I actually think I like this whiny stuff. No, really. It makes me think I'm a teenager again wishing I could be as cool as the older brother in "Clueless" that listened to Radiohead and NPR.

Eulogies - "One Man"

**Here's a special treat to snack on (and yes, all puns are intended). The Apples in Stereo are going to be playing Unplugged in the Park on September 23rd. Their music has been used in a Target commercial, and that automatically makes them bad ass since only cool music is used in Target commercials.

**Local band Like Clockwork's Jesse Astin is offering up their latest efforts, "That's Called Going For It!" for free download. You can click here and check it out. I have listened to his stuff before and I can never put my finger on what it reminds me of. It's probably because there are a ton of influences running through the music. Listen to "Big Brain." I'm singing along to it. That must be a good sign.

**Uh, got an email on this band, Old Time Relijun, and it says they're available for interviews. I'm tempted to request one so I can ask what the hell they're thinking. Judge for yourself.

Old Time Relijun - "Daemon Meeting"

This is only tolerable during the month of October...and in months that aren't October if you're into worshipping the devil or skinning cats for a living. Or something.

**Sharp Things (out of NY) have a cool little song that they sent me to share with you. And if I didn't think it was worth it, I wouldn't pass it on. Kind of funkish/jazzy/loungy/sexy. Think Marvin Gaye meets...Ben Harper? Eh. You get the idea. Leesten to eet.

Sharp Things - "Cruel Thing"

**PJ Harvey is back, and she's doing it with White Chalk. September 25th is the big day, and you can stream "When Under Ether" here It's the same eerie and haunting sound she's always stuck with, and I have a feeling if you were ever a fan, this is going to suck you right back in.

**Thanks to Love Like Fire for bringing themselves to my attention. They have a new EP they just released called An Ocean in the Air, and well, I like it. Good, strong vocals (from a chick!) and retro-tinged music that somewhat resembles the Sounds, and there's not a damn thing wrong with that in my book, 'cause I lurve them. They've got their EP streaming up on their website (link up above), or there's a couple of downloads you can snag as well.

LoveLikeFire - "From a Tower"

LoveLikeFire - "Unlighted Shadow"

Now back to deleting all the forwards about angels and mullets that my mom likes to send me...
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