Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Humpday Inboxoscopy, Part Quart.

On the day Atlantis is kicking off, I'm going to clean out my inbox so I can enjoy the rest of my week! Check this stuff out:

***Division Day is back this week with another cover, and it happens to be a cover of one of my favorite songs, "Enjoy the Silence." I've heard plenty of artist butcher the poo out of this song, but I'm giving them the thumbs up approval for this one.

Division Day - "Enjoy the Silence"

***Even Johansen (calling himself 'Magnet' now) has a new album out called The Simple Life, and the single I have for you is a nice poppy-rock tune with super fun drums. He's touring with Stars, and um, I looooove Stars. They'll be at Variety Playhouse on October 27th.

Magnet - "Lonely No More"

***Electric Six is planning to release an album on October 9th.

***PJ Harvey has pushed back the date for her latest release from September 25th to October 2nd.

***LA-based Sunday Drivers drop their debut EP, Archtypes. I'm reminded of the Editors. They've got that techno/new wave thing going on. It kind of makes me wish I was at a rave. Except that you wouldn't catch me at a rave. EVER.

Sunday Drivers - "The Sweetest Disguise"

***Apparently there's a lot of that rising new wave stuff floating around, because Oslo gives me that vibe, too. It's so emo! I love it!

Oslo - "The Rise and Fall of Love and Hate"

***Eskimo Joe. I think they may have captured my most favorite place in the world (so far, and I haven't been to many places. . . ) in one song. Their new one comes out next Tuesday, September 25th.

Eskimo Joe - "New York"

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