Thursday, September 06, 2007

Here, There, and Everywhere.

I think I might make myself a cupcake for getting down into the 100s as a number of unread emails rather than the 300 it was yesterday! Yay me! And you might notice that I've tapped into a new resource to help you attain albums you think you'll like.

More from that monstrosity and from other places I keep up with stuff...

**For all the Brits out there, Atlanta's long time residents, the Hiss, will be hitting the UK in October and November. Visit their website for more info on where to see them.

**The Other Sound Festival kicks off tonight at the Drunken Unicorn. I love unicorns! If you're in the mood to see the best and most seasoned indie musicians in this city, then hop into your flats and skinny pants and head there.

**I remember back in the day when I used to be cool and I listened to music that made me want to booty grind on my nearest crush. That was like two years ago. I haven't heard a whole lot of bands that I can get in the mood to, but thankfully, I got an email on the Politik, and they do it for me. They say dirty words and carry a rhythm like Atlas carries the world. It's true.

Listen to a mixtape sample of the album first, and then tell me I'm right.

**Yay for pianos and pop! Right? Well, maybe not the pop part, but this is something that you might not want to listen to while you're stuck in a cube all day staring at a perfect fall day, or else the term "postal" might be in order. Frankel, out of California, delivers just that. I'm almost positive I have one of his CDs sitting in a drawer somewhere that I have yet to get to...and now I want to dig it up. Try this:

Frankel - "Thermostat"

**For a sickeningly sweet Brit-pop flavor to add to your collection, I'm finding that the Lodger seems to be a good pick for that. It's almost like a musical fountain of youth in that I actually feel like I'm a kid again when I listen to it. Minus the funny glasses and bad perm.

The Lodger - "Kicking Sand"

**Eeek! A UK band that doesn't sound like Oasis! Whatever is the world coming to? Alberta Cross releases an EP next Tuesday called The Thief and The Heartbreaker, which has vocals that remind me of Ryan Adams, except not as deep, and music that borders on an almost punk/folk rock. Yes, that's what I said, but maybe my ears are deceiving me. It wouldn't be the first time. Stream the album samples here.

**I don't care what you say, Annie Lennox is a bad ass. That woman somehow has a way to break through any barrier surrounding your soul with her voice and touching lyrics. That's why it's awesome that her newest solo material, Songs of Mass Destruction, will be out October 16th. Stream the first song and bask in awe...the lyrics...oh my God. Slap me back to reality, please.

Annie Lennox - "Dark Road"

**Tubas seem to have found a place in rock music. Emo-ish Alien Ant Farm type music. Tubas. Would you expect any less from a band donning the name SNMNMNM? I don't like it because it seems a little bit...hmmm, what's the word? Unintelligent? Simple? Completely mindless? I appreciate that sort of thing every now and then, but this is just...uh, no.

SNMNMNM - "Addy Will Know"

**Touring with Interpol, the band Liars have their self-titled release sitting in stores now, and after listening to the single "Plasters Cast of Everything," I've decided I'm going to pass on requesting a copy. Based on that alone, I'm going to say this is another example of a band who makes noise...and is then told that they're awesome! Someone lied to the Liars. Sorry.

Liars - "Plasters Cast of Everything"

**What is it with Portland and their amazing music scene? Maybe I need to move there. I'm calling it the next Seattle, as I'm sure that the next new movement will come from there. You want to listen to what I'm throwin' down? Then check out Saturna. They have that new "grunge" sound that BRMC is taking to the streets, but a little more monotonous.

Saturna - "Pop Rocks"

**Since we had a little smart ass friend of ours hit the topic of French electo-synth pop, I thought I would point out this band, Heads We Dance, for you. They sent me their link because I hit on Just Jack one day, a while ago, before MySpace decided that guy was cool. And, uh, even though Claire and the smart ass are makin' fun...I like that stuff. Gah!
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