Friday, September 14, 2007

Atlantis Preview.

Every year in Atlanta, a big ass music conference takes place, and the time for Atlantis is next week. Anyone can attend the showcases, you just have to pay to get in, and it's normally not more than $10. This year marks the tenth anniversary, and I've religiously attended for the past three years. I will say that this is normally when I find something awesome I never knew about, so that alone is a reason to check it out.

This year, mostly everything is located at the CW Midtown Complex located at the corner of West Peachtree and 17th Street. Right at the end of the bridge. You can check out everyone who's playing at this link. Personally, I've got plans to hit Smith's Olde Bar September 20th and Star Bar on September 21st.

Here are a couple to take note of (you can find venue info here):

Thursday, September 20
Leslie - playing Star Bar @ 11:15 (cock-rock with a unique Southern flare, all up in your face)

Dropsonic - playing the Masquerade (Hell) @ 8:30

Evan McHugh - playing Smith's Olde Bar @ 8:00 (I'll be posting a more in-depth analysis of him on Monday)

The Bridges - playing Smith's Olde Bar @ 10:00 (best thing to come from Alabama . . . think Eisley, but more folk-infused . . . they've been touring with the Bangles)

The Futurists - playing Star Bar @ 12:00

Friday, September 21
Rantings of Eva/Trances Arc/the Empties - playing Star Bar @ 10:30, 9:00, and 12:00, respectively (a healthy helping of alternative rock under one roof)

Modern Skirts - playing Smith's Olde Bar @ 11:00

Airspace - playing Vinyl @ 12:00 (they consist of a couple of authentic Irish boys, complete with accents . . . sounds a lot like U2)

Like Clockwork - playing the Masquerade (Hell) @ 12:15

Saturday, September 22
The Booze - playing the Loft

Colour Revolt - playing CenterStage @ 11:00

VHS or Beta - playing the Loft @ 11:15 (it appears 99X has just discovered what I've known for years . . . this band kicks ass)

Winter Ransom - playing Vinyl @ 10:30 (caught them at Open Mic Madness, and decided this is a band I think I want more of)
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