Thursday, September 27, 2007

Newly Released Albums That Scream "Awesome."

Coming back from vacation is not fun. However, finding a slew of new music on your desk when you do makes it slightly more tolerable. I've mentioned a couple of these before, but now that I've heard the full-length albums, I can give a better opinion.

-Magnet (aka Even Johansen), The Simple Life: Um, yeah, this guy is amazing. Think about if Rufus Wainwright, Josh Rouse, and Damien Rice came together, merged their music and lyrics into one, and then packaged it up with a pretty bow. Then you'll understand Magnet. I have a new addiction, and this is it. I'm quite smitten with the previous album, The Tourniquet, as well.

-Grand Ole Party, Humanimals: This album brings a carnival-like blues sound, and it brings that sound with a lounge singer laced in rock fronting it. Sound interesting? Well, that's because it is.

-Sea Wolf, Leaves in the River: This is a great collection of songs to get you in the mood for the fall and winter and the trials of nature that come with them. Many references to leaves and the weather throughout the songs just heighten the idea of the music, which is soothing and relaxing without putting you to sleep.

-Sunday Drivers, Archetypes EP: Like I've said before, the new-new wave is fluent throughout this band's music. The Editors, She Wants Revenge, and Human League might be a little jealous that the Sunday Drivers are doing as good as or better than they are.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Splendid Time Is Guaranteed For All!

I'm not sure about you, but I am so excited I can't stand it that Across the Universe is FINALLY coning to Atlanta Friday! In case you didn't get the memo, Universe is yet another exciting movie musical to grace the screen since this summer's Hairspray.

Set in the 1960s with Beatlemania, Vietnam and free love going on, a love story is told between a British hottie, Jude (Jim Sturgess), and an American sweetheart, Lucy (Evan Rachel Wood)... you can take a wild guess where their names came from. Along with the Beatle references in the character names and soundtrack, vivid visuals (think Moulin Rouge!) and cameos (Bono, Salma Hayek and Eddie Izzard) intoxicate this feast for the eyes.

If you can't get enough Beatles, check out their website or their Cirque du Soleil-themed show, Love, which I am still on cloud nine from seeing it last month.

Fun stuff you can brag to your friends about when you're in line to see the movie:

Most of the names are from Beatles songs. Here are some...
Jude ("Hey Jude" from Let It Be)
Lucy ("Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band)
Max ("Maxwell's Silver Hammer" from Abbey Road)
Sadie ("Sexy Sadie" from The White Album)
JoJo ("Get Back" from Let It Be (revised 10/1))
Prudence ("Dear Prudence" from The White Album)
Mr. Kite (Eddie Izzard) ("Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite" from Sgt. Pepper)
Dr. Robert (Bono) ("Doctor Robert" from Revolver (revised10/1))
Desmond ("Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" from The White Album)
Bill ("The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill" from The White Album)
Julia ("Julia" from The White Album)
Molly ("Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" from The White Album)
Daniel ("Rocky Raccoon" from The White Album)
Lil ("Rocky Raccoon" from The White Album)
Martha ("Martha My Dear" from The White Album)

Evan Rachel Wood's version of "If I Fell" was sung live on-screen and only took one take!

Venues seen throughout the film references where The Beatles have played like the Cavern Club and the rooftop, where they played their final concert.

I leave you with the trailer... "good night, sleep tight"

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Beyond The Neighbourhood

Athlete's new album, Beyond The Neighbourhood, comes out today! Run out and get your hands on this one . . .

If you're a fan of Tourist, you'll definitely like the new disc. Tracks like Airport Disco and It's Not Your Fault are stark and slightly sad, providing you with a revamped version of the sound that Athlete is known for. They have evolved though, defintely in a good way, with instrumentally thicker pop-oriented stuff like Hurricane (which you can check out on their Myspace page).

Three cheers for this solid album! Here's to hoping they add more US tourdates.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Cease To Begin

Sub Pop darlings, Band of Horses, will be at 99X's Unplugged In The Park at The Park Tavern here in Atlanta on Sunday October 14th. Count me in on that one!

You can preorder their new one, Cease to Begin, on CD or vinyl right now through October 5th. Preorders go out on the 5th and the album is released on the 9th. Check out some of the new material on their Myspace page.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

We Have a Winner.

Congratulations to Kristen Shaw. She won the two tickets to VHS or Beta on Monday night at the EARL.

I'm on vacation for the next couple of days.

If you want to read anything I thought about Atlantis, check out Creative Loafing's music blog, Crib Notes next week.

I'm out!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Upcoming Releases

Amy Winehouse's first album, Frank, is being released in the US on November 13th. This is the one that earned her two nominations for BRIT Awards.

Athlete is releasing a new album, Beyond the Neighbourhood, in the US on September 25th. They have some US tourdates popping up in November.

I'm also going to check out:

Mum - Go Smear the Poison Ivy: Let Your Crooked Hands Be Holy (9/25)

Stars - In Our Bedroom After The War (9/25)

The Ravonettes - Lust Lust Lust (10/09)

Beirut - The Flying Club Cup (10/09)

Cobra Starship - If the World is Ending, We are Throwing a Party (10/23)

Humpday Inboxoscopy, Part Quart.

On the day Atlantis is kicking off, I'm going to clean out my inbox so I can enjoy the rest of my week! Check this stuff out:

***Division Day is back this week with another cover, and it happens to be a cover of one of my favorite songs, "Enjoy the Silence." I've heard plenty of artist butcher the poo out of this song, but I'm giving them the thumbs up approval for this one.

Division Day - "Enjoy the Silence"

***Even Johansen (calling himself 'Magnet' now) has a new album out called The Simple Life, and the single I have for you is a nice poppy-rock tune with super fun drums. He's touring with Stars, and um, I looooove Stars. They'll be at Variety Playhouse on October 27th.

Magnet - "Lonely No More"

***Electric Six is planning to release an album on October 9th.

***PJ Harvey has pushed back the date for her latest release from September 25th to October 2nd.

***LA-based Sunday Drivers drop their debut EP, Archtypes. I'm reminded of the Editors. They've got that techno/new wave thing going on. It kind of makes me wish I was at a rave. Except that you wouldn't catch me at a rave. EVER.

Sunday Drivers - "The Sweetest Disguise"

***Apparently there's a lot of that rising new wave stuff floating around, because Oslo gives me that vibe, too. It's so emo! I love it!

Oslo - "The Rise and Fall of Love and Hate"

***Eskimo Joe. I think they may have captured my most favorite place in the world (so far, and I haven't been to many places. . . ) in one song. Their new one comes out next Tuesday, September 25th.

Eskimo Joe - "New York"

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bjork at The Fabulous Fox Theatre

There's no denying that Bjork's fans absolutely adore her.

I attended her performance at The Fox last night and I left with the overwhelming feeling that despite chatter about the music industry crashing all around us, there are certain performers that are impacting their fans while still making ends meet.

In typical Bjork fashion, the show was a visual buffet complete with oversized banners of woodland creatures, flat-screens visualizing the electronic antics taking place on stage, flames and lasers, an all-girl children's choir and horn section, confetti falling from the rafters, and Bjork in a flowing pink and white dress.

All visuals aside, the girl can sing her ass off and she looks like she's having the time of her life doing it (which is probably why there wasn't an empty seat in the house). Her beat-heavy, slightly dissonant style still remains artfully unique, setting her apart from most of the cookie-cutter bands infiltrating the music scene.

Your last chance to catch Bjork in The States on this tour is Monday, September 24th at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Because We're Generous.

Well, maybe I'm not the one who's generous. Maybe it's someone else acting through me! Either way, I have a contest here with a prize that I would actually want. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother offering it up.

On Monday, September 24th, VHS or Beta are going to be hitting the EARL. Yes, I know it's a Monday, but these guys have the music that sets the perfect start to the week. Really and truly, if you haven't listened to them yet, then stop reading and go do that real quick. They have a couple songs streaming on their website here.

Do you want to go to the show? What if I gave you a pair of tickets? That's right, that means you don't have to pay for them. However, you do have to be at least 21 to get into the EARL, so make sure you are before you enter this contest. How do you enter? Just email me with your name. And then I'll pick randomly. Last day to do so is Friday, September 21st at 12:00 p.m. EST. Okay?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Evan McHugh - From the Second Chair

As a child, I was a first chair violin player. Yes. It's true. That doesn't have much to do with this post, other than that's what the title of Evan McHugh's album, From the Second Chair, reminds me of.

As much as I harp on how much I don't like singer/songwriters, I've found quite a few lately that are making me drop tears of emotion into my half-glass-empty beer. The very first time I heard McHugh, I was immediately drawn because the music, which borders on folk rock, reminded me of the man I would give my first-born child for, Rhett Miller. I don't know if it had anything to do with my personal issues at the time, but I was so moved by "What Would You Do," and the lyrics that I literally listened to it 100 times in about two days. There's such an underlying heartbreaking tone to the songs that I can't help but wrap myself up in every song like they're some kind of comfort blanket from my childhood. "Last Train Home" basks in a jazzy mood that makes me wish I was sitting in a bar with a martini and a stogie. I wouldn't be surprised if Michael Buble ends up trying to rip this song from McHugh.

McHugh has the ability to jump from sound to sound and keep your ears perked and tuned for the next ration of guitar-fused goodness. There's nothing boring or mundane about this album, and that simple fact is enough for me to mark myself as an instant fan. It's engaging. It's captivating. It's yummy. Sold!

You can go listen to four songs on McHugh's MySpace site (linked above). Note that his vast variety of sound oozes talent like lava from a newly erupted volcano. When you're done, open up your old school calendar, or whip out your PDA, and mark this down: Thursday, September 20, Smith's Olde Bar, ASCAP Showcase with Evan McHugh and the Bridges. (As a sidenote, if you haven't seen the Bridges yet, you better get on it. These kids are going to be big superstars in no time, and then you'll kick yourself in the ass for not taking advantage of a small, inexpensive show when I told you to. Multiple times. Mark my words.)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Trances Arc - XOXOX

This fall, Atlanta's Trances Arc is releasing a full-length album called simply XOXOX, thanks to their recent signing with Slush Fund Recordings. Although I've already had a taste of some of the songs on the tracklist, this is the first time I've had the full meal of the finished product. TA has been around the rock scene for a while, so if you're familiar with their past material, this shouldn't be much of a surprise for you, despite some line-up changes and attempts to create a grittier, more "indie," less mainstream sound. Singer Eric Toledo's wavering vocals are the most captivating part of this disc, as I find myself feeling like the music is somewhat repetitive and predictable. But then again, I'm one of those people that likes a few different sounds in one place rather than a lump of a "signature" sound.

Check out "Parliament" and "Don't Like Leaving" (my favorite) for the best of what TA has to offer. The latter is one of those I know I'm going to find myself putting on every playlist I make to keep myself motivated to escape the boredom at the real job. When Trances Arc decides to kick the harder rock, they do it well enough to make me wish I would've worn strap on shoes so I wouldn't lose them during the involuntary tapping my feet tend to do. If you're into ballad-rock tunes that warrant the anticipation of a possibly sweet make-out session, or if you just like that Fray-type sound, "Cold Drivers" and "Look Up" will satisfy your need for that kind of fix. It's like slow-dancing at the prom with that super cute, innocent girl/guy.

Personally, I enjoy their live show, which you'll be able to see in just one week! Atlantis Music Conference is going on starting next Friday, and Trances Arc will be showcasing with a really stellar group of bands: The Empties, Modern Society (who apparently just won some kind of development contract, but I wasn't really paying attention because I don't really care for them), Y-O-U, Rantings of Eva, and Steadlur. Bands start at 9:00, and it's $8.00 (or $10, I've seen two different things) to get in if you're not lucky enough to have a wristband or conference pass. Oh, and it's at the Star Bar in Little 5 Points. I will be there to watch the best thing happening that night, as it is every year during this time.

Atlantis Preview.

Every year in Atlanta, a big ass music conference takes place, and the time for Atlantis is next week. Anyone can attend the showcases, you just have to pay to get in, and it's normally not more than $10. This year marks the tenth anniversary, and I've religiously attended for the past three years. I will say that this is normally when I find something awesome I never knew about, so that alone is a reason to check it out.

This year, mostly everything is located at the CW Midtown Complex located at the corner of West Peachtree and 17th Street. Right at the end of the bridge. You can check out everyone who's playing at this link. Personally, I've got plans to hit Smith's Olde Bar September 20th and Star Bar on September 21st.

Here are a couple to take note of (you can find venue info here):

Thursday, September 20
Leslie - playing Star Bar @ 11:15 (cock-rock with a unique Southern flare, all up in your face)

Dropsonic - playing the Masquerade (Hell) @ 8:30

Evan McHugh - playing Smith's Olde Bar @ 8:00 (I'll be posting a more in-depth analysis of him on Monday)

The Bridges - playing Smith's Olde Bar @ 10:00 (best thing to come from Alabama . . . think Eisley, but more folk-infused . . . they've been touring with the Bangles)

The Futurists - playing Star Bar @ 12:00

Friday, September 21
Rantings of Eva/Trances Arc/the Empties - playing Star Bar @ 10:30, 9:00, and 12:00, respectively (a healthy helping of alternative rock under one roof)

Modern Skirts - playing Smith's Olde Bar @ 11:00

Airspace - playing Vinyl @ 12:00 (they consist of a couple of authentic Irish boys, complete with accents . . . sounds a lot like U2)

Like Clockwork - playing the Masquerade (Hell) @ 12:15

Saturday, September 22
The Booze - playing the Loft

Colour Revolt - playing CenterStage @ 11:00

VHS or Beta - playing the Loft @ 11:15 (it appears 99X has just discovered what I've known for years . . . this band kicks ass)

Winter Ransom - playing Vinyl @ 10:30 (caught them at Open Mic Madness, and decided this is a band I think I want more of)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dance RAWR Dance!

Atlanta's favorite rapping popsters, Family Force 5, just announced their Dance RAWR Dance TOUR which starts October 1st in St. Louis and runs through November 16th. The Atlanta date is scheduled for November 15th at The Roxy Theatre.

You may or may not be a fan of their recorded rap-rock stuff, but either way you should definitely treat yourself to a live show. These guys' crazy antics make for one hell of a good time!

The live show pretty much looks just like this:

Here's a promo video for the upcoming tour:

If you want to lend a hand, you could win a dance-party from the band.

An Introduction.

No inboxoscopy this week because I feel like sleeping instead. I know . . . you're crushed, right?

BUT, I have some exciting news about CoaMA! Since I always get offers for interviews and I suck so bad at them, I've called upon someone to be our "official" interviewer. Her name is Terri, and you can check out what she's done for us before by reading the Ladytron interview.

She's up over on the right sidebar with a link to her email in case you want to (a) welcome her, or (b) send her an interview opportunity.

So, welcome to Terri! She's got good taste and knows how to write. She also has a blog about movies if you care to check it out.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday Newsday.

***Get Over It. Seriously. As I'm riding in the car listening to the 99X Morning Show, I hear Kayne West talking about how he didn't win one award AGAIN this year at the VMAs. Aw, poor baby! Let me pose this question to you, Kayne: Do you really think that winning an award from a miserably failing music television network (that doesn't even PLAY music) is going to put you in the history books? Put on your big boy pants and shut up about it! Or, do us all a favor and just quit now so we don't have to bring the cheese to listen to you whine.

***Speaking of the VMAs, I was too busy trying to figure out who Bret Michaels was going to cut on "Rock of Love" to switch stations and watch it, and it appears that I missed out on . . . nothing! I'm not sure how this is different from any other music awards show, though. Or anything that's aired on MTV period. Thanks to the Devil Stole the Beat for pointing this recap for me: Idolator.

***Here's some good news: Neil Young is going on tour. I'm hoping he's going to save the future of music while he's at it.

***You've pretty much got it musically made when your parents are James Taylor and Carly Simon. Read about their son, Ben Taylor, who's on tour right now.

***If you snort the Devil's Powder, your pets will learn it from watching you. What's next?

***I like that VH1 is acknowledging that it's not all bubblegum and facelifts. Even if they mostly lurve solo artists, at least the ones they love don't suck ass.

I'm so disgusted about what I'm reading as "news" that I think I'm going to just stop now. There are a ton of new releases today, but I can't find a good list that doesn't pose the competition between 50 Cent and Kayne. Ugh, who carrrreeeeesssss? Don't answer that.

Monday, September 10, 2007

A Case of the Mondays.

****I love when MySpace does a "Top Five" something or another where they interview a band/artist in a "High Fidelity" fashion. This week, I was so excited to see one of my favorite bands answer a question about one of my favorite mythical creatures. Unicorns! Eisley! Together in harmony! Not only that, but check out the last artist! This totally made my day.

I know you're questioning my dorkiness. Well, if you happen to see a girl at a show wearing this shirt, then just know that yes, it's me. I'm bringing airbrush back. Just wait! (Thank you, Ryan, this makes me happy.)

****How about doing a Pick of the Week? One of my favorite local bands is playing Friday night at Vinyl with a band out of Birmingham called Wild Sweet Orange. Novah is a band I've been raving about for a while, and honestly, I know I'm justified in that considering at their last show, I had people confess that they thought that Novah kicked ass. All I can say about this band is that they are super catchy, and at the same time, they have rock ballads that can make you swoon for the full set. Don't believe me? You should. And then you should bring yourself out on Friday night to see what I mean. And tell me I'm right. Because I'm a woman and I love that.

****I keep telling you who gets added to that ECHO Project Fest thing that's going to be way down yonder by the Chattahoochee (mhmm, I threw in a bad country lyric right there), so I'll throw out these two names: Spoon and Snowden. That's enough to make me almost want to go! (I'm not dogging it because it looks dumb, I'm dogging it because I have no money to go. Poor, festival-deprived me.)

More to come later in the week once I can read everything in the known musical universe. . .

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Here, There, and Everywhere.

I think I might make myself a cupcake for getting down into the 100s as a number of unread emails rather than the 300 it was yesterday! Yay me! And you might notice that I've tapped into a new resource to help you attain albums you think you'll like.

More from that monstrosity and from other places I keep up with stuff...

**For all the Brits out there, Atlanta's long time residents, the Hiss, will be hitting the UK in October and November. Visit their website for more info on where to see them.

**The Other Sound Festival kicks off tonight at the Drunken Unicorn. I love unicorns! If you're in the mood to see the best and most seasoned indie musicians in this city, then hop into your flats and skinny pants and head there.

**I remember back in the day when I used to be cool and I listened to music that made me want to booty grind on my nearest crush. That was like two years ago. I haven't heard a whole lot of bands that I can get in the mood to, but thankfully, I got an email on the Politik, and they do it for me. They say dirty words and carry a rhythm like Atlas carries the world. It's true.

Listen to a mixtape sample of the album first, and then tell me I'm right.

**Yay for pianos and pop! Right? Well, maybe not the pop part, but this is something that you might not want to listen to while you're stuck in a cube all day staring at a perfect fall day, or else the term "postal" might be in order. Frankel, out of California, delivers just that. I'm almost positive I have one of his CDs sitting in a drawer somewhere that I have yet to get to...and now I want to dig it up. Try this:

Frankel - "Thermostat"

**For a sickeningly sweet Brit-pop flavor to add to your collection, I'm finding that the Lodger seems to be a good pick for that. It's almost like a musical fountain of youth in that I actually feel like I'm a kid again when I listen to it. Minus the funny glasses and bad perm.

The Lodger - "Kicking Sand"

**Eeek! A UK band that doesn't sound like Oasis! Whatever is the world coming to? Alberta Cross releases an EP next Tuesday called The Thief and The Heartbreaker, which has vocals that remind me of Ryan Adams, except not as deep, and music that borders on an almost punk/folk rock. Yes, that's what I said, but maybe my ears are deceiving me. It wouldn't be the first time. Stream the album samples here.

**I don't care what you say, Annie Lennox is a bad ass. That woman somehow has a way to break through any barrier surrounding your soul with her voice and touching lyrics. That's why it's awesome that her newest solo material, Songs of Mass Destruction, will be out October 16th. Stream the first song and bask in awe...the lyrics...oh my God. Slap me back to reality, please.

Annie Lennox - "Dark Road"

**Tubas seem to have found a place in rock music. Emo-ish Alien Ant Farm type music. Tubas. Would you expect any less from a band donning the name SNMNMNM? I don't like it because it seems a little bit...hmmm, what's the word? Unintelligent? Simple? Completely mindless? I appreciate that sort of thing every now and then, but this is just...uh, no.

SNMNMNM - "Addy Will Know"

**Touring with Interpol, the band Liars have their self-titled release sitting in stores now, and after listening to the single "Plasters Cast of Everything," I've decided I'm going to pass on requesting a copy. Based on that alone, I'm going to say this is another example of a band who makes noise...and is then told that they're awesome! Someone lied to the Liars. Sorry.

Liars - "Plasters Cast of Everything"

**What is it with Portland and their amazing music scene? Maybe I need to move there. I'm calling it the next Seattle, as I'm sure that the next new movement will come from there. You want to listen to what I'm throwin' down? Then check out Saturna. They have that new "grunge" sound that BRMC is taking to the streets, but a little more monotonous.

Saturna - "Pop Rocks"

**Since we had a little smart ass friend of ours hit the topic of French electo-synth pop, I thought I would point out this band, Heads We Dance, for you. They sent me their link because I hit on Just Jack one day, a while ago, before MySpace decided that guy was cool. And, uh, even though Claire and the smart ass are makin' fun...I like that stuff. Gah!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Humpday Inboxoscopy, Part Trois.

This is my new favorite thing to do since it eliminates all the crap from my mailbox. Yay!

**Do you remember when I was raving over that super cute Irish kid (mmm...Irish boys) Fionn Regan? Well, he just released some US tour dates, one including the Five Spot in Atlanta on September 20th. I'm going to use my cloning techniques to be in two places at once that night.

I demand you listen to this and go see him if you can. For real. It's amazing. Check out a sample taste here.

Fionn Regan - "The Underwood Typewriter"

**Some soundtrack news for you that perked my ears since I've predicted the comeback of grunge for about a year now...Eddie Vedder is lending his musical genius to the "Into the Wild" soundtrack. I've been sent "Hard Sun," which is the single, but I haven't been able to listen to the entire thing since the label sent a stream and it keeps freezing on me. But the tidbit I heard has me intrigued. Look for the movie and the music in late September.

**Division Day, a band with no plans to hit Atlanta yet, are releasing Beartrap Island on October 2nd, but you can get it on iTunes early, as usual. Here are a couple for you...

Division Day - "Every Shining Time You Arrive" (yes, it's a Sunny Day Real Estate cover)

Division Day - "Tigers"

**Sigur Ros will have a brand spanking new album and DVD hitting stores in November. This makes me happy because I don't think there are too many foreign bands I can fully appreciate when I have no idea what they're singing about. Can't wait for this one, seeing that Takk was amazing.

**Coming to the EARL on October 19th with Film School is Eulogies. I actually think I like this whiny stuff. No, really. It makes me think I'm a teenager again wishing I could be as cool as the older brother in "Clueless" that listened to Radiohead and NPR.

Eulogies - "One Man"

**Here's a special treat to snack on (and yes, all puns are intended). The Apples in Stereo are going to be playing Unplugged in the Park on September 23rd. Their music has been used in a Target commercial, and that automatically makes them bad ass since only cool music is used in Target commercials.

**Local band Like Clockwork's Jesse Astin is offering up their latest efforts, "That's Called Going For It!" for free download. You can click here and check it out. I have listened to his stuff before and I can never put my finger on what it reminds me of. It's probably because there are a ton of influences running through the music. Listen to "Big Brain." I'm singing along to it. That must be a good sign.

**Uh, got an email on this band, Old Time Relijun, and it says they're available for interviews. I'm tempted to request one so I can ask what the hell they're thinking. Judge for yourself.

Old Time Relijun - "Daemon Meeting"

This is only tolerable during the month of October...and in months that aren't October if you're into worshipping the devil or skinning cats for a living. Or something.

**Sharp Things (out of NY) have a cool little song that they sent me to share with you. And if I didn't think it was worth it, I wouldn't pass it on. Kind of funkish/jazzy/loungy/sexy. Think Marvin Gaye meets...Ben Harper? Eh. You get the idea. Leesten to eet.

Sharp Things - "Cruel Thing"

**PJ Harvey is back, and she's doing it with White Chalk. September 25th is the big day, and you can stream "When Under Ether" here It's the same eerie and haunting sound she's always stuck with, and I have a feeling if you were ever a fan, this is going to suck you right back in.

**Thanks to Love Like Fire for bringing themselves to my attention. They have a new EP they just released called An Ocean in the Air, and well, I like it. Good, strong vocals (from a chick!) and retro-tinged music that somewhat resembles the Sounds, and there's not a damn thing wrong with that in my book, 'cause I lurve them. They've got their EP streaming up on their website (link up above), or there's a couple of downloads you can snag as well.

LoveLikeFire - "From a Tower"

LoveLikeFire - "Unlighted Shadow"

Now back to deleting all the forwards about angels and mullets that my mom likes to send me...

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First Pick of September.

I've never been accused of having an overly drab and boring tendency toward music, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. That is why this week, I am picking Auditioning Alice. They have the "indie" sound that combines gritty recording and vocals that might remind you of something new wave-ish. Despite their many attempts to get me to a show, it seems it's not meant to be quite yet. Which ticks me off since I'm intrigued by them.

They're playing this Friday, September 7th, at Lenny's to help out MINT. I love it when musicians give back, so I'm recommending you take your booty to Lenny's to see them and contribute to this cause before you settle in on the couch Saturday morning for college pigskin. Look, the Pendletons, a CoaMA fav, are also playing. You can't go wrong here, folks.