Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thursday News Roundup.

Local News:

>>>One of my favorite bands, the Beggars' Guild, has been receiving a hell of a lot of recognition since coming off playing at Bonnaroo. They're planning to hit you with some rockin' new tunes come fall (and really, fall needs to hurry up and come before this humidity makes my skin melt away), and in addition to that, if you're up for a live performance by these guys, Smith's Olde Bar will be catering to them on August 31st. That's payday, so I'll probably be there.

>>>If you're planning to catch the Futurists tonight, make sure your ass is at Vinyl before 8:00pm, because that's when they play.

>>>Singer/songwriter extraordinaire Ryan McDougall posted a new song on his MySpace page for anyone who wants to check it out. I saw him perform "Hallelujah" at that 500 Songs for Kids thing and I almost cried. Almost.

>>>I forgot to mention this in the show posts yesterday. Ben Kweller will be playing the 99X Unplugged in the Park show this Sunday, August 5th. It's free. It's at Park Tavern. And um, if you're not 21, then fuhgeddaboudit. You can't get in.

>>>Rich over at Cable & Tweed has a post up today about an interesting show. Hey, anything at one of my most favorite places to sing karaoke is worthy of a mention. Oh, and in case you're wondering, that'd be the Clermont Lounge. I'd like to give a shout out to my BFF Blondie here while I mention it...

Leah, Blondie, and Claire chillin' at the Clermont Lounge...

And Elsewhere in the World...

>>>Filter has some news about Metric, and the only disheartening thing is that they never come to Atlanta. Makes me sad considering they are easily one of my favorite bands EVER.

>>>Think you've seen all of the Beatles? You're probably wrong.

>>>She might have the most perfect rack, but is she destined to be a singer, too?

>>>Metal videos galore! What's not to love? And where the hell is my AquaNet?

>>>I wonder if you get a bonus guide on how to best snort the ashes of your loved ones when you buy the book?

>>>These birds are doing so well that they're having to extend their tour. And if you're lucky, you can catch them at Chastain on August 26th.
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