Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tegan and Sara.

Tegan and Sara. Those cute chicks who sing awesome songs. The just released The Con, and reached a major point with it...their first top 40 debut. Since I got my hands on it today, I've been listening to it nonstop, and it's easy for me to hear why their super girly vocals and female-oriented rock has hit it big with a large audience. Of course, I've also fallen into one of those bitter moods that girls tend to do when guys pull that shit where they like to confuse the hell out of you...

Moving on...I put up an mp3 last week because it was one of the tunes that stood out in my inbox. I'll link it again here in case you missed it. These girls remind me of one of my most favorite bands of the 90s...the Murmurs! Songs that flow all over the place, up and down, back and forth, and dealing with growing up, falling in love, leaving, and all the other crap we all have to deal with.

Tegan & Sara - "Back in Your Head"

This song is going to give you a really good idea of what the rest of the songs are like...and they tend to stick close to the older stuff. So, if you're already a fan, you'll love it. If you're not yet, then get put your cursor up there and click.
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