Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rilo Kiley, Etc.

I had the chance to do a phone interview with the bassist of Rilo Kiley, Pierre de Reeder, so that's what I spent a small portion of time doing Friday afternoon. I suck at asking people stuff, so here's the best I could do (besides fall in loooooove...man, Christopher Cross is a bad ass!).

I didn't know this, but Pierre designed a t-shirt for this charity called the Yellowbird Project that makes money specifically through t-shirts (which, by the way, are really cute...and the artists are hands-on in what they look like, so that's also very cool). The charity Rilo Kiley supports is the Elliott Smith Memorial Fund in order to help out Free Arts for Abused Children. Go check that out...

I also had to dig into Pierre about the kind of music that influences him and then what he's currently into at the moment since I'm curious like that.

Influences: Considering Rilo Kiley is one of those bands that's awesome together, but also does side projects that are different in sound (Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins and the Postal Service, Blake Sennett with the Elected, and de Reeder with a solo project), de Reeder said that this was a hard question to answer. But, he was able to give me an answer I could definitely understand...everything from the stuff he listened to as a kid to anything he's heard now. Notably, he said Tom Jones and reggae.

What does he listen to for leisure now? "I've started to buy a lot of records. I've recently picked up bands like Queen and the Talking Heads on vinyl." I did have to comment on that because I've been in a retro mood here, too.

I didn't think about how hard this last question might be on a whim, but I got a good answer...if you could see three bands play under one roof in one night, who would it be (and of course, whether they're actually living makes no difference)? "Ah man, that's a really tough one!" (Sorry! I know it is...) "I can think of so many, but if I had to narrow it down, probably Bob Marley, the Beatles, of course, and Neil Young. But then I would also love to see someone like Mozart or Paganini."

Pierre is busy with Rilo Kiley touring around for their new album (refer to an earlier post), but he's planning on having his solo record out sometime early next year. I linked his MySpace above if you want to check out the songs, they're very light and airy, and above all, refreshing.

Naturally, I couldn't leave him without asking for confessions, right? He got my email and sent me these, and I think the Star Wars one is a hoot...you can tell by talking to the guy that he has an adorable relationship with his daughter.

"- For an occasional midnight snack, I've been known to eat a whole head of iceberg lettuce.

- I can be caught singing standards, songs of yesteryear, just about

- I tell a made up Star Wars story to my daughter every night, at her request, that has both me and her as two of the characters.

- I've always wanted to sing the national anthem at a baseball game.

I'm excited to see them when they're here next month.

And now for the ecetera part of the post...

I will be at Smith's Olde Bar tonight judging Open Mic Madness and just hanging out in general, so come say hello. Or "I hate you." Or "you suck." Or "did you get dressed in the dark?" You know, whatever. It will be a fun time, I promise.
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