Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Listen to Something New.

Guess what? I'm broke. Severely broke. So I'm just going to spend normal beer drinking/dinner date time blogging. Woohoo! Aren't you so excited? I know I am. (Disclaimer: This also means that guest list spots and free drinks are more welcome than ever before. Thank you.)

Let's hit my mailbox, shall we? I get lots of submissions from artists who are relatively unknown, and when I say "unknown," I mean that I don't know them. You might. I can't keep up with all that's cool because I'm not cool. Word.

>>Got an email from a fan/artist out of Washington state named Aaron Schroeder, and I went to check it out since he boasts influences like the New Pornographers, and I've always thought that band is fantastic. While it's not nearly as powerful as a full band, the folk-rock tunes Schroeder has available are refreshing. The songs tell stories and flow pretty sweetly with superb backing vocals. Luckily, if you like what you hear, you can actually buy his new album, Black & Gold. I suggest you check out the stand-out track I listened to on MySpace called "What We Don't Know," or "Don't Go Home," which appears to be off an older album. If you're into Ben Kweller (who happens to be at the Variety Playhouse next Tuesday, August 7th, by the way), you'll probably dig this.

>>If you don't know me personally, then you're completely unaware that I'm a big dork and really heart Harry Potter. Yes, I finished the book, yes I've seen/own all the movies, yes, I even have a Gryffindor scarf for the winter time. So, naturally, when I received this email about Art Brut and the fact that Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter himself!) loves them, I had to pass along the info to my fellow fantastical magic-loving friends. Check it out! I'm jealous of these guys...

Oh, and they have a video out for "Direct Hit," and I really don't understand it, but I'll pass it along for entertainment anyways.

Direct Hit Video

>>I received an EPK from a band out of NY called Future in Plastics. This is one of those bands that I just don't get. I just don't know what the hell is going on...I can't tell if it's the vocals (which are kind of making me wish I had an ice pick nearby so I can gouge out my eardrums)...or what. I like the music. The lyrics are quirky, as I would expect from a band like this. I have a feeling they're probably lots of fun live, if you're wasted on a Friday night, but um, I, eh, I just...can't. Sorry.

>>Let's balance out the bad NY submission with a decent one. Luke Temple. This guy's press accolades read like the Nestle Toll House cookie recipe. For a minute I thought I was listening to a chick, but it turns out, this guy just has a supreme voice, and he knows how to use it. He's got an album coming out this month on August 21st called Snowbeast. Some of the songs are twangy, some are poppy, but mostly, he might be the male modern day version of...Sade. Now that I've said that, if you end up getting the album and making a baby, don't say I didn't warn you.

>>Sometime last week, I gave praise to Robbers on High Street. Their album is out now, so you know, go get it. I have it and it rocks the booty to the core. And here's a special remix for ya to chomp on.

Robbers on High Street - "Married Young (The Glass Remix)"

>>Here's a heads up from yet another band out of NY called the Teenage Prayers. The heads up is because they're going to hit Atlanta in September for the Atlantis Music Conference. They must have some kind of credentials, considering they're slated to open up for the Hold Steady pretty soon. I have to say, I listen to "Good Voodoo" and it makes me want to dance around and kick my feet in the air. Very catchy beats from these dudes, so you can check that, and if you like it, plan to hit their showcase next month (at Star Bar September 22).
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