Friday, August 10, 2007

Let’s Break the Walls Down and Finally Live...

...‘cause you and I have so much to give.

What could possibly make a Thursday at work better than receiving the new release from Eisley? Not a damn thing. It’s almost like a higher power knew I needed this album at this very moment in life. I have, in the past, expressed my views on Eisley and how much they make me feel. I am still not sick of the previous album, Room Noises, and now I’ve got Combinations attached to my hands. The way this band manages to make music that perfectly matches the high and velvet-like vocals that emit lyrics anyone can grasp onto and etch into their emotions is severely uncanny and admirable. There isn’t really a comparable band touring now.

I have this feeling if you go to their MySpace page and take an initial listen to the songs that you won’t even have to take anything I say into account. You will just love it. It’s powerful and so much more mature than anything you’ve heard from Eisley in the past. When I say that, I mean that I have plenty of tracks from the last album on my “Bath Mix” playlist, but with this release, I’d probably stick the tracks on the “Get Over It” playlist instead. You can tell they’ve grown as a band and as people with the display of darker lyrics and a larger range of musical stylings. I’m not only a fan of the single “Invasion,” but also “Go Away” (which I find myself wanting to shout quite often), and “Come Clean.” Oh yeah, and for sure “A Sight to Behold.” These kids are like the modern day Sound of Music, as in, the long and drawn out parts of some of the slower songs make me feel like I should be sitting on top of a grassy, windswept knoll. I think I can honestly say that the first listen through of Combinations has been the best 34 minutes of my life in a very long time. And I have had some damn good times…

Hey, here’s an idea. Maybe if you’re opting for a date night made of everything good, you could go to the Loft this Saturday, August 11 to actually see them perform these stellar songs in person. If you see Claire, buy her a drink or tell her how she looks taller in person. If you want the album, it officially comes out on Tuesday, August 14th.

Eisley - "Invasion" (stream)

And nothing is complete without a video.

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