Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It's August! Where's Your Calendar?

As I was looking at my calendar this morning, I thought to myself, "Wow, there's a ton of good stuff going on this month!" So I figured I would share what I have on my plate in case you think you might want to partake in any of that.

>>>Wednesday, August 1 (tonight!) - A band I've gotten a small sample of and absolutely loved is playing the EARL tonight. They're called the Postmarks. If you need some midweek music loving...that's the place to be. $8.00

>>>Thursday, August 2 (tomorrow) - The Futurists are playing at Vinyl with Tokyo Police Club. I love love love the Futurists, and though I haven't spent time checking out the other band, I've only heard awesome things from people who I like to think have good taste. 'Tis a mere $10.00 for entry.

>>>Friday, August 3 - If you haven't seen Leslie yet, get off your ass and go to the EARL tonight. Just do it. I've noticed over the past year that their crowd has more than tripled since I first saw them, so maybe you are listening to me! Alright, I won't take all the credit, but this is the only place to be tonight. The fact that they're opening for the Mooney Suzuki doesn't hurt either. $10.00!

>>>Tuesday, August 7 - Ah, the moment I have been waiting for since the fall! Ben Kweller returns to the Variety Playhouse. Woot! Tim Fite opens up, and I'm going to stick the "Penny on the Train Track" video here because it is hilarious. Old people are so effing amusing. $16.00

>>>Friday, August 10 - Stellar line-up for the show at Smith's Olde Bar with Rantings of Eva, Red Letter Agent, and Novah. It's alt rock wickedness at it's finest. Novah's got good tunes, and well, I think everyone already knows my thoughts on RoE...and since I'm putting relevant videos here, this is kind of cool.

>>>Saturday, August 11 - I had no idea that one of my favorite drinking establishments (Johnny's Pizza in Inman Park) has live music! So, last time I was stumbling out of there, I caught a glimpse of their upcoming shows and noticed a band I had seen at Lenny's one night a couple of months ago and decided at that point that I definitely wanted to see them again happens to be playing. Score! They're called Carousel 5 and they've got a chick fronting them, and her voice is phenomenal.

>>>Monday, August 13 - Tonight, Rufus Wainwright and Neko Case are going to be at the Tabernacle. I just hope I get to see Rufus wearing that sweet lederhosen...I mean, just look!

So, plenty to do in the next couple of weeks, and this doesn't even begin to completely cover it.
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