Monday, August 13, 2007

I'll Pick Booze Over Tea, Please.

Pick of the Week! Yay! I'm suddenly excited now that I have the super fun picture to hand out.

So, I've been in Atlanta for a while, and despite my efforts to catch this band, I never have. But I know lots of people like them, and I do find myself listening to their songs on MySpace pretty often, so since they have a show this Friday, August 17th at Vinyl, I pick the Booze. They have a rock-dance party sound that may not be "new," but is definitely unique from most bands around the area. As an added bonus for our friends up north, it looks like they're hitting Maryland and NYC in the fall, so if you like them, you can have a shot at them live.

If they look familiar, it's probably because Butch Walker took the majority of them on tour with him. Fo real. Check out his pictures.

I bet my mom would love this band's music, because she's the one who introduced me to that sixties pop rock when I was a wee girl discovering the vinyl and Dad's hugetastic stereo system. And that's probably why they appeal to me. I've also mentioned how lately I've thrown myself into the soulful oldies playlist, so the Booze are right up my alley. They make me want to throw my shoes off and dance barefoot in my uber old apartment in a poodle skirt. Yeah? Please, you know what I least, the chicks should. Everyone's invited over when the weather gets cooler for dancing and martinis. I'll even move the furniture. (Oh, crap! I think I just gave birth to a really awesome idea for a showcase! Details to follow.)

The Booze boys have an album currently available on iTunes, Easy Beats in Modern Time, and if you want to know how to get summa dat, just redirect yourself this way. I heart "The Next Train."

I'm almost miffed that once again, I have to miss them play because I will be whooping it up at Chastain for Kenny Loggins with my mom and my sister, and...whoever else. Maybe ol' Kenny will hit the hay early and I can shoot back for the Booze...
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