Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Humpday Inboxoscopy.

Oh, that sounds so nasty, doesn't it? And I made up a word in the same instance.

>>>Like Claire mentioned yesterday, Rilo Kiley is exploding with promo since their new one Under the Blacklight is set to be out August 21st. If you keep up with us, then you already heard the single "Moneymaker" since it was linked to stream on this post. If not, you can do that now. Or, you can skip to the bonus stream of "Silver Lining" that'll be found here.

They'll be in town at Variety Playhouse on September 29th.

Rilo Kiley - "Silver Lining" (stream)

>>>When I was in college, I got hooked on this song called "Burn One Down" by this dude called Ben Harper. I was well aware of the subject matter the song dealt with, and though I didn't fall into the whole, "OMG, this song is about smoking pot! Let's burn one down!" I really dug the beat, so I listened to it often. I never really shopped around for any of his other stuff, but I will say that I like him. And I got a nice video for "In the Colors" off his new album Lifeline that looks like fun. You can watch it here.

>>>Okay, now, don't get me wrong, I have a soft spot for power pop-punk. I house plenty of Motion City Soundtrack, the Academy Is..., and Panic! At the Disco in my library. Because of this, I tend to get excited when I see Epitaph is ready to roll out the next rage for tweenage girls all over America. Unfortch, the band they sent me today kind of put me off because the music sounds almost exactly like MCS, except the vocals are a lot deeper, and...not really tickling my fancy. Meh. If you want, check out Farewell here.

I'm just going to say, "Adios." Heyo!

>>>Let's talk about Fishhawk, a band emerging from the 'burbs of Atlanta that has such a unique and different sound that it's like a breath of fresh air from...crappity crap crap. This is something unlike everything else being shoved down your throats. As in, it's pop/funk made by white kids who actually know what they're doing! Holy shit! That's like, unheard of! I am actually really enjoying this stuff. It makes me bob my head. It makes me want to find the nearest roller rink and strap on some Brownies and groove around the circle to this stuff. Just take a listen. Think Gorillaz or Gnarls Barkley. Seasoned with some Outkast. I will be letting you know when they play out next. They're relatively new on the scene. In the meantime, I'm special, so I've got a mp3 for ya.

Fishhawk - "Who Shot JR"

>>>What are you doing Friday night? I'm going to Smith's to see Novah. I have been highly obsessed with their song "Puzzle Pieces." To the point where I might have to have therapy to remove myself from it. Singer Paul Warner has assured me that they'll be trying out some new tunes this show, so make plans to be there. Until then, this should hold you over.

Novah - "Puzzle Pieces"

They open, so get there early enough to see them. I'd say 9:00. Gah! I just love them!

>>>Lastly, now that I've figured out how to use Photoshop a little bit, I'm obsessed with making dumbass pictures. Claire and I were having drinks one night and decided that whenever we like a CD and give it our "Seal of Approval," we should have a graphic for it. So, we might be using these in the near future...

It's so ridiculous, it's funny. Notice my head is slightly bigger because I'm completely full of myself.

Oh, and today just happens to mark birthdays for a couple of people I like. Chris Langley, who drums with Rantings of Eva (who is also playing with Novah on Friday) has one, and so does the only male besides my father that I trust, my brother, James, the badass. James (who obviously did not get his taste in music from moi) is 23, and this is how he's spending his birthday:

Maybe he'll get a pass to the pool. I hear it's hot in Iraq. Happy Birthday to them!
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