Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Humpday Inboxoscopy, Part Deux.

I've neglected the inbox, and it's not happy with all. So here you go. Pick at it like you would your mom's meatloaf.

>>Warm in the Wake is releasing a new album (American Prehistoric) next Tuesday, August 28th, on Livewire and I have a couple of mp3s you can listen to, which I wouldn't pass along if I thought it sucked ass. Therefore, I think it's awesome. Here's one that might make you want to reach up and cut a slice of the sun down from the hotter than hell sky.

Warm in the Wake - "Devil With a Fist"

>>A friend tipped me off on a band that happens to be opening for Queens of the Stone Age next month when they hit Atlanta called Dax Riggs. He didn't give me the obvious comparison to the Black Crowes, but I swear, if I didn't know this guy was from Louisiana, that would've been my first guess just by listening. They have a swamp sound. Dirty. Like a swamp. And it's, dare I say it...good.

>>I mentioned that the new Rilo Kiley is the poo, and I meant it. It appears that their opening tour act is a lovely match. Check out Grand Ole Party. Chick vocals and a slightly dark, haunted musical accompaniment make this something you'll want to further explore.

Grand Ole Party - "Look Out Young Son"

>>Remember those cheesy movies from the early 2000s that wavered on the wave left by John Hughes? Remember how the Donnas were featured in Drive Me Crazy and Jawbreaker? Well, if you don't, I do! They're playing the EARL on October 13th, and not only do they all have good hair, but they also have a new album out on September 18th called Bitchin'. Which, I'm sure it will be.

>>The GoStation? Yes. It's kind of like Oasis without the anger and without the British accents. Or am I completely hearing shit that isn't there? You tell me.

The GoStation - "All Together Now"

>>Heads up - The Other Sound Festival is taking place once again the first week of September (and, um, apparently, that's just around the corner now). Here's the line-up:

Thursday, Sept. 6 @ Drunken Unicorn

9:30 PM – Envie
10:15 – Mary O. Harrison
11:00 – Pistolero
12:00 - Moresight

Friday, Sept. 7 @ The EARL

8:45 PM – Fernandina
9:40 – Citified
10:20 – The Yum Yum Tree (side stage)
11:00 – The Press
11:40 – Lay Down Mains (side stage)
12:20 – All Night Drug Prowling Wolves

Saturday, Sept. 8 @ Lenny’s

8 PM – No Disassemble (side stage)
8:35 – Silent Kids (main stage)
9:10 – Novelift (side stage)
9:45 – The Jupiter Watts (main stage)
10:20 – The Orphins (side stage)
11:00 – One Hand Loves the Other (main stage)
11:45 – Club Awesome (side stage)
12:30 – Luigi (main stage)

Sunday, Sept. 9 @ 11:11 Teahouse

7 PM – Jeff Evans
7:45 – Batata Doce
8:30 – Tenth to the Moon
9:30 – Untied States
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