Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Don't Take it Personal.

I have some *personal* things I'm dealing with this week, so I can't get into all the awesomeness that's going on. Sorry.

I'll just say that Friday night, I'll be at Blind Willie's to see Greg Hester do his Van Morrison tribute, otherwise, I'd be at Smith's Olde Bar to see the Beggars' Guild.

And then I'm going to sit at home the rest of the holiday weekend and sulk that I can't afford tickets to Ryan Adams. Yep. I'm that upset that I'm literally not going to leave the house. I'm just going to listen to Easy Tiger on repeat until my iPod goes dead.

Of course, if anyone feels like donating a way into the Fox to see Ryan Adams because I'm the great person I am, that's always appreciated. I'll be happy to pay you with a coupon for a free combo at the Varsity. But act fast. It expires this Friday. Kthanks.
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