Thursday, August 30, 2007

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Yeah, I am with Miss Baker. This week is a mutha!

Variac broke up. First they were changing their name, then they weren't. Now they're toast. I guess breaking up is hard to do but I must say I am sad to see them go.

Mutemath and Eisley are playing at The Tabernacle on November 3rd. Tickets are already on sale so if you feel like bending over and taking it from Ticketmaster I would recommend getting some since Mutemath is well worth the money. I wonder if Eisley and New Found Glory will collaborate on something in the future since Sherri from Eisley married Chad from NFG?

Ok, I am going to make this statement knowing full well that I might have to deal with some retaliation. The new Rilo Kiley , Under The Blacklight, is crap. I am not dissing the band as a whole because their last disc was good. People want to say, "Wow, they branched out in their songwriting!" I feel like this new disc is nothing but a disjointed pile. First it's country, then funk, then disco, and then indie-pop. It sounds like a cover band doing impersonations of real bands that have actually chosen a genre. Coaster!

*End Rant*
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