Monday, July 02, 2007

Summer of Love. And Other Stuff.

I'm about to take a short hiatus for much needed vacation to someplace that has no Internet. Obviously, I cannot blog when there's no Internet.

>>When I get back from this week of relaxation, I'm headed off to NYC. I plan to go to the Whitney Museum for the Summer of Love exhibit. I guess it's been forty whole years since the hippies dubbed 1967 the Summer of Love, man (insert Lennon specs and peace sign here).

What does that have to do with music? Well, I'm pretty sure that the music of that era made an impact on lots of today's artists, and Rolling Stone has a nice compilation of all things 1967 that I thought was worth mentioning. This is cool, too.

>>Speaking of love and hippies, did anyone else happen to catch Larry King call Ringo by the name of "George" over the weekend? How the hell do you mistake dead Beatles from living ones? Retirement, anyone?

>>Against my will, the parents had me watching part of this televised concert yesterday, and I just want to further reiterate that Fergie is unoriginal. I decided this when I saw her sing something where she spells the word "glamorous" and then rips a line from Kilo Ali's "Nasty Dancer," which was ripped from Tina Turner's "Private Dancer." Ugh.

>>Holy shit. Yahoo is kind of mainstream and has highlighted this band I learned about a couple years ago from this guy in this band.

>>Why does this make me smile and smirk?

>>And is this really necessary? I mean, I think I'd rather hear that Ace of Base is getting back on the tour bus. At least then I wouldn't have to be subjected to tweenage girls wearing skin tight clothes and too much make-up like their role models...
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