Thursday, July 19, 2007

So Many CDs, I Need a Side of Queso.

I'm back from the short hiatus...and I'm well rested. That doesn't mean the hundred CDs I have stacked up have been listened to, though. But hey, I'm willing to put a dent in them with initial impressions and jaded opinions. My neighbors are going to want to kill me once I've delved into it all. So, shall we?

>>The Start. I've been staring at this album (Ciao, Baby) for a couple of weeks thinking that if I listened to it, I would probably like it since it's a boy/girl duo, and those tend to be pretty hot lately. At first listen, I want to throw myself into a dark dance club with strobe lights and seductively take the room. There's a strong, slightly techno beat going on that has a light sass to it let on by female vocals. It's totally delicious. Seriously, skip the'll want to lick the bowl with your fingers instead.

The Start - "Wartime"

The Start - "Blood on My Hands"

>>Parade. A band from Atlanta/Athens with a five song EP called Answer Me. The first track is called "That's Hott." I hate Paris Hilton and the dumb shit she says, so this song kind of rubs me wrong based mostly on the fact that my brain wanders into Paris-land upon listening. But it's the music I'm trying to focus on. Honestly, I'm on the fence about how I feel, but I think I don't care for it. The sound is a little dated, but also has this orchestral feel to it that's very much in your face. So, the verdict's not terrible, but I'm not inclined to listen to it again, either.

>>Fionn Regan. Slowing down a bit, let's hit the adorable Fionn Regan, a singer-songwriter from Ireland who just signed with Lost Highway Records (also home to Ryan Adams). Being that I'm a chick who sometimes needs a chill record for sappy downtime, I'm digging Mr. Regan. The End of History is a folky, endearing collection of songs that you might somewhat compare to (dare I say it?!) Damien Rice. Never a bad thing. This one is getting ripped to my library because I fell in love at first listen.

Stream the most awesome song here: Fionn Regan - "Hunter's Map"

>>Sea Wolf. Touring with the recently exploded Silversun Pickups, Sea Wolf has an EP out called Get to the River Before it Runs Too Low that has sweet flowing, easy moving set of five tracks that's sure to have you singing along and smiling the whole time. It's like the soundtrack for this summer that you're not aware of. But hey, thanks to me and the powers that be, you can snatch a tune here, get acquainted, then sit back and enjoy the warm fuzzy.

Sea Wolf - "You're a Wolf"

>>Jesse Harris. Apparently there's a new movie coming out called The Hottest State, and this guy wrote most of the songs on the soundtrack. He has his own album that just hit last week, which is called Feel. This is another bout of singer-songwriter music that makes you want to make out and hold hands and skip down the street. Wow. I don't know where that came from, but let's just say it's a goodness you can actually feel and leave it at that, mkay?

Jesse Harris - "Feel"

Jesse Harris - "I Don't Mind"

>>Beautiful Mess. Yet another Atlanta band that recently came out with Waiting for the Naked, which appears to be boasting punky songs about drinking, writing songs, being in love, and smoking cigarettes. Wavering vocals that remind of the new wave 80s movement fit in well with the music, despite the fact that it might be the most climatic ingredient I'm hearing. I feel like I'm on a roller coaster with a ton of small hills...and I never get to the one that clicks all the way up and drops me for the ultimate rush.

>>Johnny Irion. With a high downhome Americana spirit, Irion gives me the welcomed feeling of calm with Ex Tempore. I'm getting a vibe much like the one Ryan Adams might give me with that same slight tinge of twang, but also with lyrics that hit the heart like a sack of bricks. It's evident by the words sung and pure professionalism exuded that Irion is no stranger to music or the road. This is one of those albums that you'll find turns into a classic, because all the music is fresh without being at all pretentious, and at the same time, it's also everlasting.

>>Gravy Train. It doesn't happen often when I find myself speechless. Like, I'm so baffled and hurt that someone actually put money into making this album, All the Sweet Stuff, that it's making me sick to my poor stomach. Now, at the same time, my harsh thoughts and feelings are going to completely destroy my "indie" cred. No, I'm not what you'd refer to as a hipster, and no, I'm not ready to roll over and allow talentless people to get by in music simply because they look "cool" and "unique" (which, ironically enough is soooo unique that everyone else looks like them, too!). Sorry, but this band just threw me on my soapbox. The songs are babble. Yes, babble. It's supposed to be kitsch, but as far as I'm concerned, that translates into crap. I have the same feeling about the Coathangers. These two bands should tour together, because it's the same concept, except Gravy Train bears penis and I'm pretty sure they don't attempt to play instruments. Ugh. I might start a petition to have this kind of shit banned, except I don't feel like being burned at the stake. /end rant.

Oh, and while I was blogging this, Claire and I were indulging in some vodka drinks and came up with an awesome idea. When we get shit like this, we're going to show you through a picture how we use your CD! So, here's the first installment...

>>Robbers on High Street. When I think of going to a good rock show, I imagine it would (and should) sound like this. The first track on Grand Animals, "Across Your Knee" is kind of boring, but once you pass it, you'll get into the pure grit of feel good rock that'll make you want to shimmy up to the front row with your imported beer and your BFF in tow. As all albums normally tend to do in this genre, there's some times the music is taken down a notch, but it's still worthy of a hearty listen.
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