Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Musicians' Contribution To Cheap Bastards Everywhere

In a time when people are progressively going to fewer and fewer shows because they don't want to shell out a hefty cover at the door, Pop Death Squad is giving you a chance to hear some good music even if you're a cheapskate. You guessed it . . . a FREE SHOW!

Big Trouble in Little Five Points
Thursday July 19th
@ The Star Bar
Ages 21+ only
Show starts at 8:00pm
Featuring: The Hiss, The Rewinds, Rare Birds

If you haven't heard the new Hiss album, Chocolate Hearts (released only on vinyl), you should check it out. It's pretty rockin . . . probably more so than the last one.

[Hipster Disclaimer: My record player broke and I tossed it, so before anybody acts a smartass and says, hey Claire, how did you listen to that record without a record player I will just negate your comments by saying that my boyfriend has one. Nobody can accuse us of being too-cool-for-school because we log a lot of John Cougar Mellencamp American Fool hours on vinyl.]
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