Thursday, July 26, 2007

More From the Inbox.

I'm trying, guys, I really am. It's hard to get to every single thing that hits my inbox everyday. But, now that I'm somewhat settled in this thing called life, I can tackle what the world is telling me you should like, and tell you if I agree with them or if I think they're full of shit.

>>The Sea Dragons - I got an email about this band and thought I would listen since I thought the name was kind of cool and their influences looked pretty awesome as well. But then I went and listened. After I took the nap the music somehow lulled me into, I decided it was too boring.

>>Eugene Francis Jnr. - A band from the UK that approached me. They seem to be fans of the blog, and pretty confident in the music they make...and with good measure. Why? Because it certainly doesn't suck. Yay! How often does that happen? I encourage your fingers to click your mouse to the little link I've placed there for a taste of some upbeat, dancy tunes that you're sure to enjoy. Seriously. I may have had a few beers (thank God for free wifi at bars), but I know what's good. And this is. I'm going to recommend "My Own Pollution." Gives me a little Bloc Party feeling, whom I heart to the fullest.

If you lurve it, buy it here.

>>Rilo Kiley - Heel yes. You can say that with a nice accent if you please. They just announced tour dates...and September 29th brings them to our beloved city of Atlanta. Variety to be exact. Damn, I'm giving you a sweet song to stream. I kind of want to do a belly dance of some sort listening to it. Appropriately enough, it's called "Moneymaker."

Stream the awesomeness here: Rilo Kiley - "Moneymaker"

>>Eisley - Oh man. I heart this band like I heart ice cream and chocolate...and that's a ton of cement blocks. So smooth. So angelic. So effin' perfect. All the time. I missed them because I was in NYC. Sucks, but hey, the things you do...You can listen to a stream of "Invasion," a tune that flows like water through an open dam. Vocals that move and music that compliments with the best of them. I simply cannot wait for the new album. Can. Not. Wait. All I'm going to say is if you knew them before, they're sounding more mature now, and it's almost like the drug you know is out there, but you can't get your hands on it.

Stream it here: Eisley - "Invasion"

>>Tegan & Sara - Yet another chick band that I knew was out there, was told they were awesome, but let them slip under my radar. Hey, I never said it was flawless. I see no Atlanta dates listed as of yet, but they definitely are showing me they're worth checking out. And they have such cute rockstar haircuts! How can you possibly go wrong here?? This track you can stream is an upbeat tune that you can feel. I want back in your head...oh, yes. Who hasn't felt that before? The album The Con came out Tuesday.

Stream it here: Tegan & Sara - "Back in Your Head"

>>The Pendletons - Hey, we've spoken nicely about this rock band before because, well, they melt your face. Or at least, they melt mine. And Ally's, for that matter. They're out with a full-length called Oh, Me!, and what I'm hearing is the poo doo dong. This band is out of Athens, so I'm seriously hoping they'll bring some national attention to this area, as they certainly deserve it. Never boring, always rocking like a band should, check them out so you can say you knew them when...

The Pendletons - "Not Gonna Stop"
The Pendletons - "Sad Songs"

>>Jesca Hoop - Okay, an overabundance of estrogen, I know, I know. But I'm just giving you what's been given to me. This might be slightly too poppy for my taste, but if you're into those such as Regina Spektor or Imogen Heap, this is up your alley. Or even Lily Allen. I think that's who she reminds me of. Either way, it's not terrible, just not something I'm going to sport in my CD player while I'm cruising up North.

Jesca Hoop - "Intelligentactile 101"

Alright. That's all I feel like tackling today. What do you think? Comment. Please. With sugar on top?
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