Monday, July 30, 2007

Great Northern in the South.

So there's this band that simply kicks ass. It's one of those I've had sitting around and miserably failed to really get to. I'm just glad the lovely people at Filter reminded me of them when they asked me to cover the show for their tourzine...

I just got back from the EARL, and I'm so pleasantly pleased with what I heard and saw that I'm going to suggest you go and check them out straight away if you haven't before. The band is Great Northern out of Los Angeles, currently on tour promoting their supremely awesome album, Trading Twilight for Daylight. This band has two hot chicks that know exactly how to lull you into a Xanax-like state that commands attention and love. The crowd at tonight's show proved that when I looked around and noticed everyone just staring and listening as intently as a group of people being told the secret to prolonged life.

As I listen, I can't help but be reminded of one of my most fav artists, Emily Haines, just because Rachel masters the keys and manages to lay down eerie, yet angelic vocals as if that's what she was bred for. Using bells and tambourines throughout their set only magnifies the highly transcended sound that quite rightly sets the mood for, uh, shall I say, romance? I'm totally going to add them to my playlist for "setting the mood," if you know what I mean. Don't be fooled with the comparison, though, because Haines is a hell of a lot more haunting and down trodden than what you're going to find with Great Northern.

Since I find you all so severely special, I'm going to give you a little present that you can start loving them with.

Great Northern - "The Middle"

PS - I really suck at taking pictures because I have no idea how to work my camera, however, I managed to capture a couple that might give you some idea of what I saw...

Their bass drum art was worthy of a shot, too.

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