Friday, June 08, 2007

"your words so dry, your face so wet. say i broke your heart, but it hasn't happened yet..."

confession #11:

"i have webbed feet. seriously. some people find this normal, others recoil in horror..." mikel from the airborne toxic event

it's been a minute since i last checked in with the airborne toxic event, so it was good to hear from them this week. they just got back from their uk tour and scored a gig opening for the kaiser chiefs this week. they also managed to shoot a video for their song "does this mean you're moving on". it looks like things are certainly going in the right direction for them.

>>don't forget, second shift will be playing at the loft on saturday. it's their last show ever and it will definitely be a party. the futurists, leslie, and cary ann hearst are also playing. this line-up is pretty spectacular in my opinion so be there. $10 and doors @ 8.
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