Monday, June 11, 2007

Tigers Beat Lions and Bears.

Because I'm special and, darnit, people like me, I have an advanced copy of Easy Tiger, the new Ryan Adams album coming out to the world on June 26th. It literally just hit my mailbox, and I've already been through it almost twice now.

This album seems to be a pretty good combination of the feels from the stuff he's done with the Cardinals mixed with a Gold/Heartbreaker/Cold Roses kind of thing. That's really the best way I can explain it. My favorites are still the two from the samples I got a couple weeks ago, "Everybody Knows" and "Two." The twangy strings on "Oh My God, Whatever, Etc." are perfectly placed in the line-up before the ultra-retro country "Tears of Gold."

Although I normally find Ryan Adams to be borderline depressing, Easy Tiger is hitting the uplifted nerves in my ears, despite the lyrical content of the songs and use of minor chords throughout. Clearly, anyone who was a fan before should be quite happy with this display, what with all the artists these days trying to reinvent and mold to the next coolest sound. Adams stays true to his Whiskeytown roots for a refreshing display of down-home rock. Approved!
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