Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Rondo Brothers.

Confession #13

"We have lit fireworks on the road. From the top of a hotel, from the window of a bus, from the smoking area of a club outside. Let's say the police have noticed, but we have yet to get in trouble. And...we might have entered Canada illegally one time, but you didn't hear it here." - Jim from the Rondo Brothers

So, I got this trippy kind of music in my inbox that rubbed me the right way, probably because the female vocals are soothing and full of power...and creepy. Almost to the point where I feel like I should be crawling around on the floor or something to get the full effect of how my body feels. This track, "Crazed," is pretty insane, and I mean that in the best way possible. I like it. A lot. Enough to listen to it more than once, and that's a huge deal.

The Rondo Brothers - "Crazed"

The next song I listened to took me back to childhood a little, because it's got a sound that's reminiscent of something you might hear little girls singing on the playground. If I had chalk, I would draw a hopscotch board right now, and force all these other people at the bar to play, too. I like how the drumbeats are constant and simple and how the electronic butter is smeared all over everything I've heard from these guys. Yes! Definitely a great duo to help you get in the mood to boogie.

The Rondo Brothers - "Until We All Fall Down"

The other thing I really dig about these guys is that they ride around in a golf cart. Seriously, this is probably one of the best ideas ever. It's cheap, and it's efficient, and hell, who doesn't love driving those things? I know I do. This video is a nice portrayal into the lives of the Rondo Brothers...

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