Wednesday, June 13, 2007

News Round-Up.

Sorry, no time to listen to new and trendy music since I don't exactly have any spare time at the moment to do so. BUT -- I can still read. Yay.

>>What will they think of next? For the record, I have never liked the White Stripes, but I will say that I'm digging the "Icky Thump" single a whole, whole lot. However, those kids scare me, so, does this come in "plain?" (And am I the only one who thinks they more resemble Michael Jackson after he turned white?)

>>I love Cat Power.

>>Rich over at Cable & Tweed has a nice post up about Corndogorama and Snowden. I think corndogs are God's way of telling us He loves us.

>>Hey, even rockstars watched the Sopranos. See? You know anything that ends with "Don't Stop Believin'" is going to cause some kind of controversy. (I plan to watch it when at the parents' on Sunday since I'm too poor to afford a cable box...)

>>If you're planning on the EARL's Shapes and Sizes/The National show tonight, check out what You Ain't No Picasso had to say about it. Bonus mp3 attached there, too.

>>AOL counts the Sexiest Single Men who do the music thing. If you ask me, they all look like they were hit with the ugly stick. Except Trent Reznor. And Ryan Adams, of course. (And as a PS, when looking at the "old flames" tidbit on each one, I think all signs point to Lindsay Lohan as a bona fide hoodrat.)

>>I found this article to be somewhat amusing, especially since it links to Butch Walker and his days as a hair band boy... Well, that, and I still don't get why boys want to look like girls. Thanks, MTV.

I think that'll do it for now.
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