Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Locally Yours, Atlanta.

Somebody gave me hell yesterday for not being the local music snob I've been known to be in the past. So, to shut him up (in the nicest way, of course), this post is about local stuff. Alright? Now everyone can keep quiet for a minute!

The Beggars' Guild, a band I happen to love as much as this cinnamon toast I just inhaled, deserves a big round of congrats because they won a spot on Bonnaroo, the hippie-fied fest that I will not be attending because I treasure running water and hate bugs. If you want to tell them in person what a great accomplishment this happens to be, then by all means, run by 10 High on Friday, June 15th to see them play the night before they hit the woods of Manchester, TN. I'm going to bring them some baby wipes so they can ward off the woodsy sweat they'll no doubt endure.

Remember when I was gushing about this adorable rock band called Chainestereo? Well, people are picking up on what I knew a long time ago. Like Flagpole, for instance. If you haven't seen them yet, I can't explain to you how important it is that you do. Luckily, you have a month to get ready since their next Atlanta show is at 10 High on July 13th. Which is a Friday. How spooky! They'll be playing with...

...Rantings of Eva. This is yet another band I have never spoken badly about because, well, I just can't. They're too good. Easily the best unsigned band in the city...and I'm not the only one who says that. They'll be fresh off a show at Piano's in NYC for this one, so you know, they'll probably be pumped. Hell, I'm even taking a field trip up to the Big Apple that week. That's dedication, folks. If you haven't yet, check out the EP. I've heard nothing but good things from anyone who's listened to it.

That's going to have to do for now. I'm back in the gym, remember? I'm tired and overworked. Leave me be for a minute...
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