Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hey There, LonelyGirl...

A few things to speak of as I'm in the full swing of concert high after Damien Rice and Bloc Party back-to-back last week and Summerfest this past weekend. If you live in Atlanta, there is no excuse to be bored from now until September.

>>Anyway, I'm a fan of VHS or Beta, and so this email caught my ear. Former member of aforementioned band, Zeke Buck, has given birth to a new band called People Noise with drummer Matt Johnson from Boom Bip. In listening to the sample tracks, I'm digging on the somewhat retro sound and goth-type feel I'm getting from it. I think that whole techno-distortion kind of thing I hear in the background is giving me the impression of space...and I like space. Not only the kind that gives me room to do cartwheels, but also the kind that homes spaceships, if you catch what I mean. Check it yourself, yo. If you like what you hear, then you can get their new album, Ordinary Ghosts, this month.

People Noise - "A Million Lives"

People Noise - "The Killing Fields"

>>I have been a huge fan of this little band out of New York called Jared Scharff & the Royals. They're amazing. Awesome poppy rock goodness that I want to sop up with a biscuit. I'm not going to lie, I've been known to plan trips to NYC based on when they play since they still haven't made it down south. I'm completely serious! Apparently LonelyGirl15 loves them, too. I'm not fully familiar with this YouTube phenomena, but they're featured in a couple videos...so that's cool for them.

Jared Scharff & the Royals - "Stereo"

>>This week in shows...

***BRMC is going to be at the Roxy this Thursday, June 7th. I will be there taking good notes for Filter.

***This weekend, on Saturday, June 9th, Lenny's is having this super cute party that encourages music and making out. Two of my favorite things ever! On the line-up, you've got Judi Chicago and a favorite of mine, the Five Foot Flame. It's $7 to get in to the Summer of Love.
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