Saturday, June 09, 2007

"broken strings can't rebuild anything, just start over like each calendar day..."

“maxwell walked out on his bill at cracker barrel this morning.” -paul of the cobbs

>>i got the chance to sit down with ryan and paul cobb from the cobbs before the show on thursday. the band is currently out on tour supporting their third album, sing the deathcapades. needless to say, when you're touring with black rebel motorcycle club you must be doing something right...

q: there’s not much info floating around on you guys. for starters, who plays what in the band?

ryan: well, paul and myself both sing and play guitar. the other ryan, or r2, plays guitar, keys, and the tamborine. chris is on drums and maxwell plays the bass.

q: who produced your latest release, sing the deathcapades?

paul: we actually produced it ourselves.

ryan: yeah, paul and i have cobb studio where we produce everything. we’ve put out all of our albums, even before we were the cobbs, and we’ve also produced several other artists.

q: is producing something you’re interested in pursuing?

ryan: definitely. i mean, i consider it my career. it’s how i pay the bills! we just got back from london where we were worked with hugo chakra bong and the getaway team.

q: that's exciting. what have you guys got going on over the summer?

paul: we'll finish up the tour with black rebel motorcycle club and then we'll play some shows around the philly area. other than that we'll just be writing and working in the studio.

ryan: we'll also have an official release at some point.

q: lastly, what are you listening to right now?

ryan: Cass McCombs

paul: arcade fire, of course.

>>we all know i dig a good garage band. especially when that band incorporates psychedelic elements. which the cobbs do... on the album. but live they are all rock. it's funny how these guys from philadelphia managed to sound somewhat southern on a few songs during the show. come to think of it, they actually remind me a lot of another pennsylvania band, illinois. the song "broken strings" stood out for me. maybe it was because they looked like they had fun playing it or maybe because the girl beside me freaked out. who knows, but the vox were spot-on. after a quick re-start, "deathcapades" turned out to be one killer song (ha, no pun intended). probably my favorite. the guitars were particularly ridiculous. let me put it this way- once the set was over, i turned to leah and said, "they can play their instruments, that's for damn sure."

and that's basically all you need to know.
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