Thursday, June 07, 2007


I'm not really sure I've been to a show where the crowd consists of every kind of person from hippies to hipsters to rednecks to older folks to those of us in between, but I can honestly say that's what I found at the Roxy with BRMC. I was pretty excited about this show since I have kind of lurved this band for about two years now and have still yet to see them slap the rock on my face in a live setting.

I must say that this band's intensity was only heightened by the most massive display of lights I think I've ever seen. They don't need gimmicks or props to woo you into the divine arena of rock music that they so gracefully manage to uphold. No, they just give it to you straight and dirty, like a good martini (hold the olives, please). I've always said that the best thing in life is a band who can bring it live even better than they can in a recording, and the BRMC boys do exactly that, much to my delight. I didn't expect to get such a super sound from a band that takes muddy guitar licks to the highest level. The power of the drums made the hair on my neck bounce like a waif on a trampoline, which is pretty much the equivalent of the cherry on top of my musical sundae.

Another sweet surprise was that despite the fact that they just released Baby 81, they still played the older material that got me hooked on them in the first place. Expect to see BRMC come out with a heavy hitting folk/blues rock infusion for the first part of the night before diving into a short acoustic set and then back again. These three guys are simply bad asses, really, in every sense of the word. They make it look easy, even though it's apparent that their style and essence isn't duplicated or lacking. Two thumbs up Mentos-style for them!

The tour's not over, and I think one of the coolest aspects is that Filter Magazine is sponsoring a tourzine, which is basically a tour journal of their shows from all over, which this lovely blog has just contributed to. Quite interesting, actually. Check it out here. Woot!

Hah! I got Kenny Crucial's head in the shot...
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