Friday, June 29, 2007

Plug Atlanta

Calling all Atlanta band kids. Are you tired of dodging cops on the street while you illegally hang posters on telephone poles to promote your next gig?

The guys over at Plug Atlanta are onto something. Upload your promotional posters to their site for exposure for your show. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dumb Luck

Sub Pop just released Dumb Luck, the new album from Dntel. It's available for download on Myspace and coincidentally, the player on Myspace is rigged to allow you to hear all of the songs in their entirety so you can give them a listen before you buy.

If you aren't familiar with Dntel, it's Jimmy Tamborello (from Postal Service and Figurine). Dumb Luck features a slew of indie collaborators, including Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley on the track "Roll On", Conor Oberst on the track "Breakfast In Bed", and many more.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Husky the Rescue.

Angelic vocals and the inevitable calming effect that Husky Rescue has managed to combine and lay down has me giddy with joy. I love, love, love finding bands like this that can enter into the realm of "repeat" that I so often search for, yet, rarely seem to find. Eerie background music compliments the high-pitched female vocals much like the way vodka mixes well with tonic. Maybe it's the fact they're from Finland, and most great things are coming out of countries over the sea lately (don't hate, playa, you know it's true), I don't know. What I do know is that this is something you will thank me for if you haven't already caught on to them. I can promise you that. And I'm pretty sure the guys are going to be very happy with the uber hot chick that can sing them to sleep every night...

As an added bonus, you can listen to a lovely, haunting track from them...

Husky Rescue - "Diamonds in the Sky"

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Rondo Brothers.

Confession #13

"We have lit fireworks on the road. From the top of a hotel, from the window of a bus, from the smoking area of a club outside. Let's say the police have noticed, but we have yet to get in trouble. And...we might have entered Canada illegally one time, but you didn't hear it here." - Jim from the Rondo Brothers

So, I got this trippy kind of music in my inbox that rubbed me the right way, probably because the female vocals are soothing and full of power...and creepy. Almost to the point where I feel like I should be crawling around on the floor or something to get the full effect of how my body feels. This track, "Crazed," is pretty insane, and I mean that in the best way possible. I like it. A lot. Enough to listen to it more than once, and that's a huge deal.

The Rondo Brothers - "Crazed"

The next song I listened to took me back to childhood a little, because it's got a sound that's reminiscent of something you might hear little girls singing on the playground. If I had chalk, I would draw a hopscotch board right now, and force all these other people at the bar to play, too. I like how the drumbeats are constant and simple and how the electronic butter is smeared all over everything I've heard from these guys. Yes! Definitely a great duo to help you get in the mood to boogie.

The Rondo Brothers - "Until We All Fall Down"

The other thing I really dig about these guys is that they ride around in a golf cart. Seriously, this is probably one of the best ideas ever. It's cheap, and it's efficient, and hell, who doesn't love driving those things? I know I do. This video is a nice portrayal into the lives of the Rondo Brothers...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

News Round-Up.

Sorry, no time to listen to new and trendy music since I don't exactly have any spare time at the moment to do so. BUT -- I can still read. Yay.

>>What will they think of next? For the record, I have never liked the White Stripes, but I will say that I'm digging the "Icky Thump" single a whole, whole lot. However, those kids scare me, so, does this come in "plain?" (And am I the only one who thinks they more resemble Michael Jackson after he turned white?)

>>I love Cat Power.

>>Rich over at Cable & Tweed has a nice post up about Corndogorama and Snowden. I think corndogs are God's way of telling us He loves us.

>>Hey, even rockstars watched the Sopranos. See? You know anything that ends with "Don't Stop Believin'" is going to cause some kind of controversy. (I plan to watch it when at the parents' on Sunday since I'm too poor to afford a cable box...)

>>If you're planning on the EARL's Shapes and Sizes/The National show tonight, check out what You Ain't No Picasso had to say about it. Bonus mp3 attached there, too.

>>AOL counts the Sexiest Single Men who do the music thing. If you ask me, they all look like they were hit with the ugly stick. Except Trent Reznor. And Ryan Adams, of course. (And as a PS, when looking at the "old flames" tidbit on each one, I think all signs point to Lindsay Lohan as a bona fide hoodrat.)

>>I found this article to be somewhat amusing, especially since it links to Butch Walker and his days as a hair band boy... Well, that, and I still don't get why boys want to look like girls. Thanks, MTV.

I think that'll do it for now.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Locally Yours, Atlanta.

Somebody gave me hell yesterday for not being the local music snob I've been known to be in the past. So, to shut him up (in the nicest way, of course), this post is about local stuff. Alright? Now everyone can keep quiet for a minute!

The Beggars' Guild, a band I happen to love as much as this cinnamon toast I just inhaled, deserves a big round of congrats because they won a spot on Bonnaroo, the hippie-fied fest that I will not be attending because I treasure running water and hate bugs. If you want to tell them in person what a great accomplishment this happens to be, then by all means, run by 10 High on Friday, June 15th to see them play the night before they hit the woods of Manchester, TN. I'm going to bring them some baby wipes so they can ward off the woodsy sweat they'll no doubt endure.

Remember when I was gushing about this adorable rock band called Chainestereo? Well, people are picking up on what I knew a long time ago. Like Flagpole, for instance. If you haven't seen them yet, I can't explain to you how important it is that you do. Luckily, you have a month to get ready since their next Atlanta show is at 10 High on July 13th. Which is a Friday. How spooky! They'll be playing with...

...Rantings of Eva. This is yet another band I have never spoken badly about because, well, I just can't. They're too good. Easily the best unsigned band in the city...and I'm not the only one who says that. They'll be fresh off a show at Piano's in NYC for this one, so you know, they'll probably be pumped. Hell, I'm even taking a field trip up to the Big Apple that week. That's dedication, folks. If you haven't yet, check out the EP. I've heard nothing but good things from anyone who's listened to it.

That's going to have to do for now. I'm back in the gym, remember? I'm tired and overworked. Leave me be for a minute...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Tigers Beat Lions and Bears.

Because I'm special and, darnit, people like me, I have an advanced copy of Easy Tiger, the new Ryan Adams album coming out to the world on June 26th. It literally just hit my mailbox, and I've already been through it almost twice now.

This album seems to be a pretty good combination of the feels from the stuff he's done with the Cardinals mixed with a Gold/Heartbreaker/Cold Roses kind of thing. That's really the best way I can explain it. My favorites are still the two from the samples I got a couple weeks ago, "Everybody Knows" and "Two." The twangy strings on "Oh My God, Whatever, Etc." are perfectly placed in the line-up before the ultra-retro country "Tears of Gold."

Although I normally find Ryan Adams to be borderline depressing, Easy Tiger is hitting the uplifted nerves in my ears, despite the lyrical content of the songs and use of minor chords throughout. Clearly, anyone who was a fan before should be quite happy with this display, what with all the artists these days trying to reinvent and mold to the next coolest sound. Adams stays true to his Whiskeytown roots for a refreshing display of down-home rock. Approved!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

"broken strings can't rebuild anything, just start over like each calendar day..."

“maxwell walked out on his bill at cracker barrel this morning.” -paul of the cobbs

>>i got the chance to sit down with ryan and paul cobb from the cobbs before the show on thursday. the band is currently out on tour supporting their third album, sing the deathcapades. needless to say, when you're touring with black rebel motorcycle club you must be doing something right...

q: there’s not much info floating around on you guys. for starters, who plays what in the band?

ryan: well, paul and myself both sing and play guitar. the other ryan, or r2, plays guitar, keys, and the tamborine. chris is on drums and maxwell plays the bass.

q: who produced your latest release, sing the deathcapades?

paul: we actually produced it ourselves.

ryan: yeah, paul and i have cobb studio where we produce everything. we’ve put out all of our albums, even before we were the cobbs, and we’ve also produced several other artists.

q: is producing something you’re interested in pursuing?

ryan: definitely. i mean, i consider it my career. it’s how i pay the bills! we just got back from london where we were worked with hugo chakra bong and the getaway team.

q: that's exciting. what have you guys got going on over the summer?

paul: we'll finish up the tour with black rebel motorcycle club and then we'll play some shows around the philly area. other than that we'll just be writing and working in the studio.

ryan: we'll also have an official release at some point.

q: lastly, what are you listening to right now?

ryan: Cass McCombs

paul: arcade fire, of course.

>>we all know i dig a good garage band. especially when that band incorporates psychedelic elements. which the cobbs do... on the album. but live they are all rock. it's funny how these guys from philadelphia managed to sound somewhat southern on a few songs during the show. come to think of it, they actually remind me a lot of another pennsylvania band, illinois. the song "broken strings" stood out for me. maybe it was because they looked like they had fun playing it or maybe because the girl beside me freaked out. who knows, but the vox were spot-on. after a quick re-start, "deathcapades" turned out to be one killer song (ha, no pun intended). probably my favorite. the guitars were particularly ridiculous. let me put it this way- once the set was over, i turned to leah and said, "they can play their instruments, that's for damn sure."

and that's basically all you need to know.

Friday, June 08, 2007

"your words so dry, your face so wet. say i broke your heart, but it hasn't happened yet..."

confession #11:

"i have webbed feet. seriously. some people find this normal, others recoil in horror..." mikel from the airborne toxic event

it's been a minute since i last checked in with the airborne toxic event, so it was good to hear from them this week. they just got back from their uk tour and scored a gig opening for the kaiser chiefs this week. they also managed to shoot a video for their song "does this mean you're moving on". it looks like things are certainly going in the right direction for them.

>>don't forget, second shift will be playing at the loft on saturday. it's their last show ever and it will definitely be a party. the futurists, leslie, and cary ann hearst are also playing. this line-up is pretty spectacular in my opinion so be there. $10 and doors @ 8.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


I'm not really sure I've been to a show where the crowd consists of every kind of person from hippies to hipsters to rednecks to older folks to those of us in between, but I can honestly say that's what I found at the Roxy with BRMC. I was pretty excited about this show since I have kind of lurved this band for about two years now and have still yet to see them slap the rock on my face in a live setting.

I must say that this band's intensity was only heightened by the most massive display of lights I think I've ever seen. They don't need gimmicks or props to woo you into the divine arena of rock music that they so gracefully manage to uphold. No, they just give it to you straight and dirty, like a good martini (hold the olives, please). I've always said that the best thing in life is a band who can bring it live even better than they can in a recording, and the BRMC boys do exactly that, much to my delight. I didn't expect to get such a super sound from a band that takes muddy guitar licks to the highest level. The power of the drums made the hair on my neck bounce like a waif on a trampoline, which is pretty much the equivalent of the cherry on top of my musical sundae.

Another sweet surprise was that despite the fact that they just released Baby 81, they still played the older material that got me hooked on them in the first place. Expect to see BRMC come out with a heavy hitting folk/blues rock infusion for the first part of the night before diving into a short acoustic set and then back again. These three guys are simply bad asses, really, in every sense of the word. They make it look easy, even though it's apparent that their style and essence isn't duplicated or lacking. Two thumbs up Mentos-style for them!

The tour's not over, and I think one of the coolest aspects is that Filter Magazine is sponsoring a tourzine, which is basically a tour journal of their shows from all over, which this lovely blog has just contributed to. Quite interesting, actually. Check it out here. Woot!

Hah! I got Kenny Crucial's head in the shot...

Just A Little Radio had Greg Dulli of Afghan Whigs fame on The Scott Ford Radio Show today in support of The Whigs' newest release, Unbreakable (which came out last Tuesday). Ford hosts the show but is also a member of The Twilight Singers so the interview was definitely comfortable and anything but politically correct. After the band played a round of "Jew Or Not A Jew" Dulli was battered by fan questions:

Q: What's up next for you?
A: A release by side project, The Gutter Twins. I have a neverending obsession with confusing the audience as much as possible.

Q: Explain your fascination with Lucifer.
A: I always like to write about my relatives.

Q: Where did the name Afghan Whigs come from?
A: We were all doing a lot of acid and came up with a play on our old band name The Black Republicans.

Q: Will you ever release all of your recorded material that's currently unreleased?
A: Yes, as soon as we're finished with certain legal obligations.

The brand new track "Magazine" can be streamed off The Afghan Whigs' Myspace page.

On a sidenote, there is a free download today of the hidden track "The Thanks I Get" off of Wilco's Sky Blue Sky. Download here.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hey There, LonelyGirl...

A few things to speak of as I'm in the full swing of concert high after Damien Rice and Bloc Party back-to-back last week and Summerfest this past weekend. If you live in Atlanta, there is no excuse to be bored from now until September.

>>Anyway, I'm a fan of VHS or Beta, and so this email caught my ear. Former member of aforementioned band, Zeke Buck, has given birth to a new band called People Noise with drummer Matt Johnson from Boom Bip. In listening to the sample tracks, I'm digging on the somewhat retro sound and goth-type feel I'm getting from it. I think that whole techno-distortion kind of thing I hear in the background is giving me the impression of space...and I like space. Not only the kind that gives me room to do cartwheels, but also the kind that homes spaceships, if you catch what I mean. Check it yourself, yo. If you like what you hear, then you can get their new album, Ordinary Ghosts, this month.

People Noise - "A Million Lives"

People Noise - "The Killing Fields"

>>I have been a huge fan of this little band out of New York called Jared Scharff & the Royals. They're amazing. Awesome poppy rock goodness that I want to sop up with a biscuit. I'm not going to lie, I've been known to plan trips to NYC based on when they play since they still haven't made it down south. I'm completely serious! Apparently LonelyGirl15 loves them, too. I'm not fully familiar with this YouTube phenomena, but they're featured in a couple that's cool for them.

Jared Scharff & the Royals - "Stereo"

>>This week in shows...

***BRMC is going to be at the Roxy this Thursday, June 7th. I will be there taking good notes for Filter.

***This weekend, on Saturday, June 9th, Lenny's is having this super cute party that encourages music and making out. Two of my favorite things ever! On the line-up, you've got Judi Chicago and a favorite of mine, the Five Foot Flame. It's $7 to get in to the Summer of Love.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Split Lips, Winning Hips, A Shiner

The cuties in Montreal boy/girl group Shapes and Sizes just released a new disc, Split Lips, Winning Hips, A Shiner, on NYC's Asthmatic Kitty Records. Tempos and instrumentation are all over the map on this disc, so I wouldn't recommend subjecting your nerves to it at work or in heavy traffic but when you're nice and relaxed, give it a spin. It's pretty solid from start to finish with my favorite track being "The Taste In My Mouth". I'll be at their show at The Earl in Atlanta on June 13th.

I spent last week browsing independent artists and came across a few diamonds . . . and, um, a possible lump of coal.

If you liked the vibe of Ray LaMontagne's album Trouble, you should really check out Ali Eskandarian. Ali grew up as a child in Iran during war time until he and his family were granted political asylum by Germany. He has quite a checkered past, to say the least, and it really reflects in his retro-folk songs. The Brooklyn resident doesn't seem to be touring very far from home at the moment, but hit his Myspace page for some tunes.

I am not one of those people that gets brainwashed into listening to the same song over and over again, that is, until I heard Sons of Roswell's new self-titled release. These psychadelic, Muscle Shoals natives are definitely throwback-70s (think VietNam) and it seems to be working for them. I am head-over-heels for "Losin' My Mind", which you can hear on their Myspace page. What a great summer song.

Wounded Cougar. What tha? You tell me.

Are you ready to get your 1996 on? An agent friend of mine just told me about the 2007 Triple Play Ballpark Tour this summer featuring Counting Crows, Collective Soul and Live. I know it's just acoustic/rock from my childhood, but CC's August and Everything After is still one of my favorite albums ever.