Wednesday, May 02, 2007

"they are calling me, but they don't know i can't stay all night long..."

1 japanese chick + 2 italian twin brothers = well-crafted, whimsical pop

it's taken me a while to get into blonde redhead. mainly because i tend to avoid anything that has to do with redheads... it's just some weird phobia that i have. when i finally got around to listening, i was surprised because the band is actually pretty kick ass. blonde redhead is definitely worthy of all the blog hype they've been receiving. i'm not familiar with their early stuff, which is quite extensive, but i can tell you that 23 is great from beginning to end, though, it is a little bit of what i like to call a "safe album" because it lacks some variety. i'll put it on one song and then 10 minutes later i'm wondering why the song hasn't ended yet. but then again- if something works, why change it?

i highly suggest you catch blonde redhead and annuals (whom we all know i adore) friday night at the variety playhouse. tickets are still available here.

and i feel like i should be sitting in front of a canvas when i listen to this song...

mp3: blonde redhead - "dr. strangeluv"
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