Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Shifting Gears

Confession #9:

"Our drummer, Jason Nackers, is absolutely obsessed with Taco Bell. I mean, Nackers literally craves this stuff (not regular mexican food or god-forbid Del Taco . . . it HAS to be The Bell) like coke addicts crave the magic eightball. On the road, it's basically the only option. We've even looked into trying to get them to sponsor a tour for us. Ask Mr. Nackers about this. He gets very fired up and speaks more passionately about new menu items than he does his own band."
-- Baker from Second Shift

I just found out that Second Shift bassist Craig Nast seems to be moving on, causing the group to rethink their game-plan.

Lead vocalist Baker says, "I wouldn't say we are breaking up, but really just sort of re-inventing ourselves. After being a band for six years then losing a member, we feel like we can't continue calling ourselves Second Shift. We're working on new material and will hopefully re-launch the project in the fall."

The guys have tracked a few new tunes as of late with bassist Jake Sinclar (from the Brooklyn-based band, The Films) that sound grittier and a little more 60s-throwback.

Catch their last show on June 9th at The Loft.
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