Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Nuggets for You to Chew On.

Here's some scattered info. Enjoy.

>>Rolling Stone reports on the ever elusive Weezer and their plans for a sixth album. Wait a minute, didn't they, like, break-up...or something? Hey, as long as they can rediscover the badassness of those blue and green albums, then I'm in. Otherwise, I'll just continue to Make Believe the last one didn't happen...

>>If I had talent to sing and play guitar (well, more than the six chords I actually know how to play now...), then I'm pretty sure I would be much like this chick, who I've been listening to, yet, somehow, failed to mention thus far. Jenny Owen Youngs had me with "F*ck Was I," and if you have boobs and friends that are boys, then you'll probably get it. If not, move along...

>>Kiss Atlanta is celebrating four years, and if you've been under a rock, then just take my word for it...they know how to celebrate over there. Join them.

>>My favorite print publication, Filter, is presenting this lovely DJ tour with Ladytron, who kicks ass. They'll be at MJQ tonight.

>>Speaking of Filter, guess who is covering the BRMC show here in Atlanta for their blog tourzine...

>>The Smashing Pumpkins have set up a couple of residencies. My thought on this? Well, last time I checked, I hung up the nineties. Check back with me in a couple of years when I'm 30 and long for the days of high school and sneaking black hair dye and cigarettes into my bathroom.

>>Next Monday, May 21st, Sweetwater Brewery is having one of their hippie-fied events (Save the Hooch) at Park Tavern with Blueground Undergrass. It's $5.00.

>>The Bridges are going to be at Smith's this Friday. You should go. They're awesome. Unless you're under 21, then you'll just have to suck it up that you're not old enough to get into the best small venue in Atlanta to see a kick ass band play.

>>Hey now, hey now, don't dream it's over...

I've never wanted a burrito as badly as I do right this minute.
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