Monday, May 21, 2007

Music for the "Booty Walk."

Don't even sit there and act like you don't know the Booty Walk. You've done it. You've seen people do it, and you can't make fun of them, because you've been there, and you liked it. A lot. It happens everytime you stick those earbuds in your head and pop on the playlist that gives your booty a little extra jiggle when you swing your hips and add that extra bit of sauce to your step.

I actually did a little Booty Walk on Friday night and thought, "Wow, I should totally share this with everyone I know!" I'm nice like that. I may not even like you, but what the hell, here's a small sample of my personal selection of Booty Walk tunes for your enjoyment. I tested them out on a friend Saturday morning, and I'm amazed at my ability to get people's booties moving without remixing anything or slinging the letters "D" and "J" in front of my name...


Just Jack - "Starz in Their Eyes"

The Fratellis - "Creepin Up the Backstairs"

The Judies - "12th Street"

Ohm - "Spoon Me"

VHS or Beta - "You Got Me"

I have a ton more where that came from, but I think all you need right now is a little taste.

Linkage, suggestions, news...etc.

>>On Wednesday, May 23rd, Think Libertarian is having a shindig of rock bands over at Smith's Olde Bar...and what do you know, The Judies are playing and one of their songs is included in my Booty Walk playlist!! No one's telling you how to vote, I'm just saying there will be a decent line-up there. Click the link for more info.

>>Dude, there is no reason I shouldn't be able to land a decent guy if she can. I mean, come on, the woman is a walking trainwreck and someone still wanted to marry her. Maybe I need to start snorting coke and putting black shit all over my face.

>>I don't know Caleb, but I think I could probably sit in the car with him for long periods of time after stumbling upon his music selections.

>>Check it out...washed up nineties rockstars are planning to tour together in order to stretch their fame a tad bit longer. Somehow I have a feeling that the soundtrack to my angst ridden teen years ain't gonna fly with the kids today...

>>When I go to KFC (which is pretty much never), I order the original instead of extra crispy. When I listen to music, I also prefer the original. So I'm pretty sure I won't be spending money on this.

>>Other people like Voxtrot, too.

>>Weiners are not the only awesome thing you can find at Coney Island this summer. Filter is bringing some kick ass music, too.

>>Animals and strawberries are two of my favorite things.
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