Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mixed Tape for the Sane.

>>Lately, I think I'm losing my mind. The following artists are helping me keep it:

-Damien Rice (sample: "Volcano")
Anyone who personally knows me knows how my face lights up with the mention of this man and his music. It's the stuff that takes me on a roller coaster of emotion so high that I feel like I'm never going to come down from it, even if down is where it initially brings me. Good for long, hot bath sessions, making out, driving long distances, or any other time when a mood must be set.

-Emiliana Torrini (sample: "To Be Free")
What can I say about this little lady except for that she's simply phenomenal? Simply put. Really, at first listen, I was hooked like a twenty pound bass in an Alabama lake.

-French Kicks (sample: "So Far We Are")
This guy that sings has a very distinct voice that when I'm tooling around at work and hear it come across the shuffle, I just know it's this band. They stand out. They flow like the tides after a California sunset...calm, yet quick.

-Old 97s (sample: "Jagged")
This band is my all time favorite, hands down, no argument, do not pass GO, do not collect $200. I'll admit it took me at least three months to really let it sink in, and now I'm so addicted to it that two years later, I'm still listening to the 97s on a daily basis. Fo real, yo. It's alt-country at it's finest, and the lyrics are so true and unassuming that you'll find yourself thinking, "Man, how does he know?!" after you've delved into it far enough. I'm not going to say it's for everyone, 'cause it's not, but I will tell you that a special music lover will live, learn, and love some Old 97s.

-Sia (sample: "Breathe Me")
This chick is the female version of Damien Rice as far as I'm concerned. More than one person has commented that her music will save your life. A little extreme, I know, but you're probably a music addict if you're reading this, so you may agree...

-Yo La Tengo (sample: "Autumn Sweater")
Who doesn't love Yo La Tengo? No one I know. So chill, so dead on, so perfect. I looooove them, and have been leaning on their stuff to keep me going. It's superbly awesome and suddenly appropriate for whatever the case may be.

I hope these put you in a stellar mood like they do for me. I highly recommend all the full-lengths of all the artists, and if you're disappointed at all in any of them, please let me know, and I will give you my address so you can send me nasty letters telling me how much I suck.

Thanks to Ally for tipping me off about Sia and Emiliana... Word.
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