Friday, May 18, 2007

Late Night Love.

Last night I happened to get in before midnight, so I caught a couple of performances on late night TV before bed. I don't normally give a flying doodoo about these things, but as it so happens, two artists I actually follow were on two different shows. On the same channel. Man, I love it when the TV people make my life easy. Especially since my remote could use new batteries and I'm too cheap to buy them.

First, Rufus Wainwright performed on Letterman. Now, there is no argument about the guy's weirdness, which is why I let out a nice chuckle when he came out in some kind of strange outfit. But hey, he's one talented individual, so he can do that. Paris will probably be wearing something similar when she completes her shortened (grrr!) jail sentence...

I tried really hard to find a photo or video of the outfit...

He will be at the Tabernacle on August 13th. This is a show I wouldn't mind seeing AT ALL (you know, if you wanna email me the pre-sale Case is opening.

This is my favorite of his.
Rufus Wainwright - "Instant Pleasure"

Then after Letterman, The Late Late Show came on and Tori Amos played her single, "Big Wheel," which we've had up for download. Although this video is not from that show, it's pretty much exactly what I saw last night...

Here's a crappy quality sample of another song off the new album.
Tori Amos - "Bouncing Off Clouds"

And now for some linkage!

>>Filter has a nice little review of the new Ryan Adams, Easy Tiger. Damnit, I love Ryan Adams.

>>If you weren't quick enough to get tickets to see Damien Rice this month ('s definitely SOLD OUT), don't worry, he's going to announce another tour in the US pretty soon. So, you can wait for him to come back in September.

>>Rolling Stone reports on Bo Diddley's health. Apparently, guitars really can make you better. Like I didn't already know that...

>>I can relate to this, since I am a HUGE fan of fun socks and other forms of hosiery. Andrew Bird's followers seem to be as well.

>>Since we seem to be on singer/songwriters today, let's throw Josh Rouse into the mix. Why? Because I don't think he sucks, that's why.

>>If I could travel more, I might want this, but since I don't, it's not important.

>> mean Iggy Pop actually thinks this is okay? If it were me, I might want someone not known as a big-eared elf of some sort to play me...

>>Um, I just wanted coffee...

>>Aw, Brandon, does your throat hurt?

>>If you're paying for uncensored radio, should it not be uncensored? Just a thought.
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