Tuesday, May 22, 2007

If Bands Made Sweet Love.

Sometimes you hear something that you think is cool, and then you realize the reason you think it's cool is because it molds together two bands you like. Maybe not on purpose, but hey, if you're noticing it, then it happened, right? Most of the time, I can't exactly place the conglomerate of bands I'm hearing, I can usually only pick out one.

Then, the other day, I'm trying to catch up on tunes in my library I've neglected to listen to yet, and I came across the Cinematics, and I was immediately reminded of Bloc Party on this track (I'm guessing from the drums), except that the vocals remind me of the guy from Editors. So, if Bloc Party and Editors got together, then I think their baby would probably sound like the Cinematics. Of course, you also have to factor in the smidge of We Are Scientists, too. No?

The Cinematics - "Keep Forgetting"

Go ahead...tell me I'm wrong. Just don't forget that I am a woman, making it almost impossible for me to ever be wrong.

They also happen to be playing the 99X Big Day Out show on June 2nd at Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheatre. I won't be there, but hey, if you're going, drink a beer in the parking lot for me while some chick squats next to your tailgating spot to relieve herself since she's so drunk she can't find the port-a-potty.

News You Can Use:

>>Remember that secret show Ally spoke of last week? Well, in case you missed it...

>>I think Carson Daly (or anyone who gets involved with Tara Reid, really) is a total douchebag, but I might stay up tonight and tomorrow to watch him just because of the music guests.

>>Interpol is going to tour this summer. Wait...are they ever not touring?

>>If this is going to get me any closer to hooking up with Prince, then I'll take two...no, no, no, make that three bottles. What? Come on, after Purple Rain I couldn't deny his sexual prowess...

>>I finally downloaded it and I have to say, I completely agree. Oh, and for anyone following, I will for sure be at the show in August.

>>Someone else is stumbling across the genius of How I Became the Bomb.
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