Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Humpday News.

>>Does anyone want to fund my trip to Red Rocks to see Ryan Adams and the Old 97s? No? Why not??!! (Insert kicking tantrum here)

>>Well, this is super advertising, as I'm online trying to find a good pair of Doc Marten's right this very second. So what if they're using dead musicians? I mean, don't today's musicians rip the very sound of these guys?? I'm just sayin'...

>>I can swallow this Soundscan.

>>Yet one more reason I should be in Colorado toward the last half of the year...

>>These guys can read me my Miranda rights whenever they want, which is why I'm onboard with this idea.

>>I think that if Lindsay Lohan were to never grace another magazine, movie, or musical disc, then I could probably die completely happy. I can never win, though.

>>Don't forget to come out to Summerfest next weekend. Bring the kids, but leave the doggies at home. Yes, even if your kids are dogs, they're not allowed.

>>A couple of shows to note in the upcoming days:
--->The Damnwells will be at Smith's on Thursday night, May 24th. In case you don't keep up, Scarlet Johanssan was seen at one of their shows recently, so you know they're the poo of the moment.

--->Friday, May 25th, I highly recommend Army of Me over at Vinyl. I seriously loooove this band. There's evidence of it, so you know, check them out. Make them love Atlanta. Nevermind. Apparently this show has been cancelled, which blows, because I was looking forward to it...perhaps next time.

Just remember it's a holiday weekend, so buckle up if you drive somewhere. I'm making a boy take me here (against his will, isn't he the sweetest?), so if you see a girl with perma-grin riding along I-85, then wave, because it's probably me.
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