Sunday, May 20, 2007

"he smells like the inside of closets upstairs, the kind where nobody goes..."

the perfect soundtrack for summer.

in this month's SPIN, spoon frontman, britt daniels, was asked if he felt pressured to put out an even more accessible and soundtrack-friendly album this time around. britt responded, "...the best rock'n'roll happens when you're just doing it for the feeling, instead of thinking of the product, like, 'this has got to be epic; this has got to be great.' then you start second-guessing yourself and throwing away good ideas. we got lucky with a lot of happy accidents on this album." if "happy accidents" are what make up ga ga ga ga ga, spoon's sixth full-length, then i don't suggest they ever do things on purpose.

the funny thing about spoon, in my opinion, is that they don't have to change their sound to maintain their appeal. honestly, ga ga ga ga ga might as well be called girls can tell pt. 2. the more i listen, the more i am able to pick up on similarities, even down to the chord structure. this isn't a bad thing, though. girls can tell is one of my favorite albums ever. kill the moonlight and gimme fiction were both a little more experimental for them, in a sense, yet overall that "spoon sound" is still very much prevalent. therefore, not surprisingly, ga ga ga ga ga doesn't attempt to veer from the norm. "don't make me a target" (cough..."the way we get by") is one of the most distinctly spoon sounding tracks and it's impossible to listen to "the underdog" without wanting to tap your toes. but then again, everything britt writes makes me want to tap my toes.

like i said, this is without a doubt, the soundtrack of the summer.
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