Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bloc Party Everyday.

When you live intown, it's awesome. Everything is at your fingertips, and since Atlanta is basically the size of a pea compared to other capital cities, you can almost walk anywhere. For instance, since I'm located perfectly between Little 5 Points and the Highlands, I walk to both of them quite often. It's like a block party everyday! Yay!

Speaking of Bloc Party, I heart them and will be at their show tonight at the Tabernacle. Hey, you know, since those guys are so awesomely down to earth, they've agreed to let mobs of adoring fans near them at Criminal Records 6:00p.m. before their show. They're going to do an in-store DJ set. No performing, just a DJ set. But those are fun. I went to the one with now defunct Death From Above 1979, and it was kind of adorable to watch them pick out music and play it while people shopped for the hippest new tunes to hit the southeast in my most favorite record store. Oh, by the way, it's completely free to stop by and see the guys, so if you happen to be in the neighborhood, you should go.

I kind of want to, but I also kind of want to go to the gym and get my ass to shrink some, so I'll probably miss it. I'll just leave you my favorite from their newest release, Weekend in the City.

Bloc Party - sample "Hunting for Witches"

Purchase the album HERE.
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