Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bloc Party Everyday.

When you live intown, it's awesome. Everything is at your fingertips, and since Atlanta is basically the size of a pea compared to other capital cities, you can almost walk anywhere. For instance, since I'm located perfectly between Little 5 Points and the Highlands, I walk to both of them quite often. It's like a block party everyday! Yay!

Speaking of Bloc Party, I heart them and will be at their show tonight at the Tabernacle. Hey, you know, since those guys are so awesomely down to earth, they've agreed to let mobs of adoring fans near them at Criminal Records 6:00p.m. before their show. They're going to do an in-store DJ set. No performing, just a DJ set. But those are fun. I went to the one with now defunct Death From Above 1979, and it was kind of adorable to watch them pick out music and play it while people shopped for the hippest new tunes to hit the southeast in my most favorite record store. Oh, by the way, it's completely free to stop by and see the guys, so if you happen to be in the neighborhood, you should go.

I kind of want to, but I also kind of want to go to the gym and get my ass to shrink some, so I'll probably miss it. I'll just leave you my favorite from their newest release, Weekend in the City.

Bloc Party - sample "Hunting for Witches"

Purchase the album HERE.

Damien Rice, In My Own Words.

It's funny that I say it's in my own words, because I am speechless right now. I'm not sure what to think or feel. Damien Rice has been one of those artists that I have turned to in times of trouble. Hearing some of his songs conjure up feelings of a morose flavor and intensity. On the other hand, he's also been one that has been instrumental in turning over new leaves and finding the finer things (and people) in my life.

That being said, I have now seen him live, and to be quite honest, it completely and utterly blew me away. I brought a friend with me, and I was almost embarrassed at the number of times I had to casually wipe away tears during the performance. I have only been moved to this point in one other instance, also at the Tabernacle. It was actually the show that compelled me to write in the first place two years ago...Nine Inch Nails. Funny how two people from opposite ends of the spectrum can take me to a place I never thought imaginable. I'm almost certain that this is the reason people say music can be like a drug.

This performance reminded me of the time I was 15 and saw Tori Amos play the Fox. Not a body moved during the songs. No one spoke or sang along. Everyone was seated and took in everything Damien Rice was throwing out there. He only used an acoustic guitar and keys. His voice was just as it is had I been at home listening on the iPod speakers. Everything was simply perfect in every sense of the word. He opened with "9 Crimes," which I thought was the perfect song to set the mood for the rest of his catalog. He jokingly admitted he spends most of his time sitting around writing depressing songs to sing. Fine by me, as I tend to find some kind of solace in them. He sang "Woman Like a Man," which I didn't expect to hear, and closed out with an encore of three songs, one was "The Blower's Daughter," always a crowd favorite, I'm sure, and the last one brought out a dramatic performance with "Cheers Darlin'." I hold a special place for that last song, mainly because of a boy...what else? Rice had a waiter with a wine bottle filling his glass the entire song while he smoked cigarettes and ended with a "piss" on the stage lightpole. It was brilliantly done and I couldn't have asked for anything more. I highly doubt I'll be listening to anything else for the next few days based on this experience...

Damien Rice - "Woman Like a Man"

He did confirm he'll be back in September, which I pointed out earlier in the month, and honestly, if you don't go, then you're missing out on quite possibly one of the best live performances you could ever hope for if you're a lover of music.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Grrrr! Easy, Tiger...

I've already confessed my undying love for Ryan Adams. What's not to love? The man obviously has a way with words to make your heart melt and your mind wander into a land only he could create. The songs are good for drinking, wallowing, or road trips. There aren't many artists out there who can cover such a broad range and get away with it.

In anticipation of his new release, Easy Tiger, I have a couple of the new songs (in clips) here. I tell you one thing, this "Everybody Knows" nonsense has been playing on repeat, and "Two" is pretty fetch as well. "My money's no good when I'm up to no good..." I don't think truer words have ever been sung. I love them like Carrie Bradshaw loves shoes.

Ryan Adams - "Two"

Ryan Adams - "Everybody Knows"

June 26th is the magic date for this (I believe that's the same day Kelly Clarkson's new one comes out, too...). Here's the line-up of songs:

1. Goodnight Rose
2. Two
3. Everybody Knows
4. Halloweenhead
5. Oh My God, Whatever, Etc.
6. Tears Of Gold
7. The Sun Also Sets
8. Off Broadway
9. Pearls On A String
10. Rip Off
11. Two Hearts
12. These Girls
13. I Taught Myself How To Grow Old

I cannot wait!! He's announced a couple of tour dates, none of which Atlanta is on, but don't know how these artists like to piss us off and then add dates on later just so we all go gray earlier than we ever thought we would.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Things and Things

Confession #10:

"We originally considered naming our band Sweat Pants Boner." -- Blackberry Smoke

In a time when so many young hipsters are faking Southern rock left and right, the guys in Blackberry Smoke are doing it up right. If you're a fan of The Black Crowes and Gram Parsons, give these guys a spin. They just finished recording with Dann Huff (Rascall Flats, Bon Jovi, Faith Hill), were recently joined on stage by Slash in Austin, Texas and have a track on Guitar Hero 3. Pretty rock, eh?

The campy kids in Cobra Starship bring you a new video to accompany their tune Send My Love to the Dance Floor. This vid has spaceships and a giant cobra smoking a cigarette . . . plus these kids have more dance moves than Justin Timberlake. You're probably going to want to check it out. Catch them on the 2007 Honda Civic Tour with Fallout Boy, +44, The Academy Is, and Paul Wall.

Decatur Georgia's Warm In The Wake have a new album coming out on Livewire Recordings on August 28th and rumor has it that it's pretty good. They're featured in this month's Paste Magazine as an artist to watch. I'm totally in love with the track "Tame Thoughts" off their recent disc Gold Dust Trail, which you can check out on their Myspace. If you haven't seen them live you have every opportunity, as they're saturating Georgia in June and July.

Yeah, I'm biased, so if you have a problem with that then read no further. The teenagers in Youngstown, Ohio-based pop-punk outfit, Ten Count Fall, just confirmed multiple dates on The Vans Warped Tour. If my calculations are correct, that makes them one of the only independent acts to score multiple dates. Holla! They're digitally releasing a new EP in August and touring in support of it.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Funkin' It Up For Friday.

Woo! It's Friday. Not just any Friday, but the Friday before a Monday holiday. My favorite kind. So, in celebration of that, I've decided to share my most recent obsession...the Workout Compilation. Well, at least I'll share part of it.

I'm not exactly a fan of working out. I've been paying for my gym for the past eight months or so and haven't stepped foot in it. Until this week. I've been hitting the treadmill in such a way that Rocky would be proud. I'm quite the wuss at only 5.5 mph, but hey, at least I'm working towards lower cholesterol...

**The first time I heard this song was at DSC, and I remember being nice and tipsy and lovin' every minute of the ass-shakin' it was producing, which is something very hard to do on my end. It's the perfect beat for my running feet.

LCD Soundsystem - "Daft Punk is Playing at My House"

Album: Purchase here.

**It just so happens that this song came on after it in my little iPod playlist, and although I've listened to it plenty of times before, I never knew it's full workout potential until I was running and found myself mouthing "your lips are like a work of art, I kinda wanna tear 'em apart..." True story.

Butch Walker - "Hot Girls in Good Moods"

Album: Purchase here.

**This band is awesome. This song is even better when you're working up a sweat because it's the ultimate eff you when you listen to the lyrics. It puts you in that whole "I'm going to work harder and faster so that when you see me, your jaw will drop" mood. Wait...what? Nevermind, it's just a great workout tune. The entire album is the bomb diggity.

The Sounds - "Ego"

Album: Purchase here.

**Knock this band all you want, but when you want to kick it, they do the job. I promise. I never even listened to the album until I began working out regularly about a year ago. And it's one of the best things ever for this occasion.

Panic! at the Disco - "I Write Sins Not Tragedies"

Album: Purchase here.

**You should be ready to cool down by now if you're like me. So to top it all off, I throw on a little Metric because they're one of my top five favorite bands, and this track appealed to me immediately when I heard it about two years ago.

Metric - "Poster of a Girl"

Album: Purchase here.

There you go. I think it'll do the trick to get you in shape for bathing suit weather. No? Yessss.

Are You In a Band and Need A Van?

Then check it out, yo. A contest just for you band people. I personally graduated from Ramen noodles, but I'm also not a starving artist (thank God). If you happen to be, maybe you should look further into this gem of info...

In a Band? Win a Van!

Upload Your Music And Hit The Road

TuneCore In Collaboration With Its Strategic Partner Guitar Center To Give Away Complete Tour Kit: ‘07 Ford Econoline, $5000 Cash, Apple Macbook, Year Of Internet Access, $500 Gas Card And Case Of Ramen Noodles

TuneCore, which allows musicians to quickly, cheaply and easily upload their music to iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster and eMusic and many more understands the necessity of touring and the resources needed to go on tour.

To enter, bands can go to during the month of June and submit the following information:

• How your band could benefit from a new ride

• Your best tour story or best tour story of the future

• 10 things your band would always have in the van

• The dedication of your band members to its craft

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Humpday News.

>>Does anyone want to fund my trip to Red Rocks to see Ryan Adams and the Old 97s? No? Why not??!! (Insert kicking tantrum here)

>>Well, this is super advertising, as I'm online trying to find a good pair of Doc Marten's right this very second. So what if they're using dead musicians? I mean, don't today's musicians rip the very sound of these guys?? I'm just sayin'...

>>I can swallow this Soundscan.

>>Yet one more reason I should be in Colorado toward the last half of the year...

>>These guys can read me my Miranda rights whenever they want, which is why I'm onboard with this idea.

>>I think that if Lindsay Lohan were to never grace another magazine, movie, or musical disc, then I could probably die completely happy. I can never win, though.

>>Don't forget to come out to Summerfest next weekend. Bring the kids, but leave the doggies at home. Yes, even if your kids are dogs, they're not allowed.

>>A couple of shows to note in the upcoming days:
--->The Damnwells will be at Smith's on Thursday night, May 24th. In case you don't keep up, Scarlet Johanssan was seen at one of their shows recently, so you know they're the poo of the moment.

--->Friday, May 25th, I highly recommend Army of Me over at Vinyl. I seriously loooove this band. There's evidence of it, so you know, check them out. Make them love Atlanta. Nevermind. Apparently this show has been cancelled, which blows, because I was looking forward to it...perhaps next time.

Just remember it's a holiday weekend, so buckle up if you drive somewhere. I'm making a boy take me here (against his will, isn't he the sweetest?), so if you see a girl with perma-grin riding along I-85, then wave, because it's probably me.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Shifting Gears

Confession #9:

"Our drummer, Jason Nackers, is absolutely obsessed with Taco Bell. I mean, Nackers literally craves this stuff (not regular mexican food or god-forbid Del Taco . . . it HAS to be The Bell) like coke addicts crave the magic eightball. On the road, it's basically the only option. We've even looked into trying to get them to sponsor a tour for us. Ask Mr. Nackers about this. He gets very fired up and speaks more passionately about new menu items than he does his own band."
-- Baker from Second Shift

I just found out that Second Shift bassist Craig Nast seems to be moving on, causing the group to rethink their game-plan.

Lead vocalist Baker says, "I wouldn't say we are breaking up, but really just sort of re-inventing ourselves. After being a band for six years then losing a member, we feel like we can't continue calling ourselves Second Shift. We're working on new material and will hopefully re-launch the project in the fall."

The guys have tracked a few new tunes as of late with bassist Jake Sinclar (from the Brooklyn-based band, The Films) that sound grittier and a little more 60s-throwback.

Catch their last show on June 9th at The Loft.

If Bands Made Sweet Love.

Sometimes you hear something that you think is cool, and then you realize the reason you think it's cool is because it molds together two bands you like. Maybe not on purpose, but hey, if you're noticing it, then it happened, right? Most of the time, I can't exactly place the conglomerate of bands I'm hearing, I can usually only pick out one.

Then, the other day, I'm trying to catch up on tunes in my library I've neglected to listen to yet, and I came across the Cinematics, and I was immediately reminded of Bloc Party on this track (I'm guessing from the drums), except that the vocals remind me of the guy from Editors. So, if Bloc Party and Editors got together, then I think their baby would probably sound like the Cinematics. Of course, you also have to factor in the smidge of We Are Scientists, too. No?

The Cinematics - "Keep Forgetting"

Go ahead...tell me I'm wrong. Just don't forget that I am a woman, making it almost impossible for me to ever be wrong.

They also happen to be playing the 99X Big Day Out show on June 2nd at Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheatre. I won't be there, but hey, if you're going, drink a beer in the parking lot for me while some chick squats next to your tailgating spot to relieve herself since she's so drunk she can't find the port-a-potty.

News You Can Use:

>>Remember that secret show Ally spoke of last week? Well, in case you missed it...

>>I think Carson Daly (or anyone who gets involved with Tara Reid, really) is a total douchebag, but I might stay up tonight and tomorrow to watch him just because of the music guests.

>>Interpol is going to tour this summer. Wait...are they ever not touring?

>>If this is going to get me any closer to hooking up with Prince, then I'll take, no, no, make that three bottles. What? Come on, after Purple Rain I couldn't deny his sexual prowess...

>>I finally downloaded it and I have to say, I completely agree. Oh, and for anyone following, I will for sure be at the show in August.

>>Someone else is stumbling across the genius of How I Became the Bomb.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Music for the "Booty Walk."

Don't even sit there and act like you don't know the Booty Walk. You've done it. You've seen people do it, and you can't make fun of them, because you've been there, and you liked it. A lot. It happens everytime you stick those earbuds in your head and pop on the playlist that gives your booty a little extra jiggle when you swing your hips and add that extra bit of sauce to your step.

I actually did a little Booty Walk on Friday night and thought, "Wow, I should totally share this with everyone I know!" I'm nice like that. I may not even like you, but what the hell, here's a small sample of my personal selection of Booty Walk tunes for your enjoyment. I tested them out on a friend Saturday morning, and I'm amazed at my ability to get people's booties moving without remixing anything or slinging the letters "D" and "J" in front of my name...


Just Jack - "Starz in Their Eyes"

The Fratellis - "Creepin Up the Backstairs"

The Judies - "12th Street"

Ohm - "Spoon Me"

VHS or Beta - "You Got Me"

I have a ton more where that came from, but I think all you need right now is a little taste.

Linkage, suggestions, news...etc.

>>On Wednesday, May 23rd, Think Libertarian is having a shindig of rock bands over at Smith's Olde Bar...and what do you know, The Judies are playing and one of their songs is included in my Booty Walk playlist!! No one's telling you how to vote, I'm just saying there will be a decent line-up there. Click the link for more info.

>>Dude, there is no reason I shouldn't be able to land a decent guy if she can. I mean, come on, the woman is a walking trainwreck and someone still wanted to marry her. Maybe I need to start snorting coke and putting black shit all over my face.

>>I don't know Caleb, but I think I could probably sit in the car with him for long periods of time after stumbling upon his music selections.

>>Check it out...washed up nineties rockstars are planning to tour together in order to stretch their fame a tad bit longer. Somehow I have a feeling that the soundtrack to my angst ridden teen years ain't gonna fly with the kids today...

>>When I go to KFC (which is pretty much never), I order the original instead of extra crispy. When I listen to music, I also prefer the original. So I'm pretty sure I won't be spending money on this.

>>Other people like Voxtrot, too.

>>Weiners are not the only awesome thing you can find at Coney Island this summer. Filter is bringing some kick ass music, too.

>>Animals and strawberries are two of my favorite things.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

"he smells like the inside of closets upstairs, the kind where nobody goes..."

the perfect soundtrack for summer.

in this month's SPIN, spoon frontman, britt daniels, was asked if he felt pressured to put out an even more accessible and soundtrack-friendly album this time around. britt responded, "...the best rock'n'roll happens when you're just doing it for the feeling, instead of thinking of the product, like, 'this has got to be epic; this has got to be great.' then you start second-guessing yourself and throwing away good ideas. we got lucky with a lot of happy accidents on this album." if "happy accidents" are what make up ga ga ga ga ga, spoon's sixth full-length, then i don't suggest they ever do things on purpose.

the funny thing about spoon, in my opinion, is that they don't have to change their sound to maintain their appeal. honestly, ga ga ga ga ga might as well be called girls can tell pt. 2. the more i listen, the more i am able to pick up on similarities, even down to the chord structure. this isn't a bad thing, though. girls can tell is one of my favorite albums ever. kill the moonlight and gimme fiction were both a little more experimental for them, in a sense, yet overall that "spoon sound" is still very much prevalent. therefore, not surprisingly, ga ga ga ga ga doesn't attempt to veer from the norm. "don't make me a target" (cough..."the way we get by") is one of the most distinctly spoon sounding tracks and it's impossible to listen to "the underdog" without wanting to tap your toes. but then again, everything britt writes makes me want to tap my toes.

like i said, this is without a doubt, the soundtrack of the summer.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I'm Seeing Stars

Confession #8:

"Women's pants fit better" - Kevin Calaba from Stars of Track and Field

If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing Stars of Track and Field in concert it's your own damned fault. These guys have been pounding the pavement all year to give you every opportunity to catch what I believe is one of the most enjoyable performances I have seen lately.

They're currently on tour with Joseph Arthur and The Lonely Astronauts after wrapping a run with The Long Winters and a stop at both SxSW and Canadian Music Festival. Next up . . . a tour with The Shiny Toy Guns.

"I'm sitting at an airport hotel in Atlanta right now, about to fly to Vancouver, BC for the Virgin Music Festival. It will be the first time we've ever played a stadium! (Thunderbird Stadium)," said Kevin Calaba [vocals/guitar/keyboards].

The Portland, OR natives are also slated to appear at Sasquatch (George, WA), Bumbershoot (Seattle WA), Riverfest (Albany NY), and D-Fest (Tulsa Ok).

Check out tracks off their disc, Centuries Before Love and War, on their Myspace page.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Late Night Love.

Last night I happened to get in before midnight, so I caught a couple of performances on late night TV before bed. I don't normally give a flying doodoo about these things, but as it so happens, two artists I actually follow were on two different shows. On the same channel. Man, I love it when the TV people make my life easy. Especially since my remote could use new batteries and I'm too cheap to buy them.

First, Rufus Wainwright performed on Letterman. Now, there is no argument about the guy's weirdness, which is why I let out a nice chuckle when he came out in some kind of strange outfit. But hey, he's one talented individual, so he can do that. Paris will probably be wearing something similar when she completes her shortened (grrr!) jail sentence...

I tried really hard to find a photo or video of the outfit...

He will be at the Tabernacle on August 13th. This is a show I wouldn't mind seeing AT ALL (you know, if you wanna email me the pre-sale Case is opening.

This is my favorite of his.
Rufus Wainwright - "Instant Pleasure"

Then after Letterman, The Late Late Show came on and Tori Amos played her single, "Big Wheel," which we've had up for download. Although this video is not from that show, it's pretty much exactly what I saw last night...

Here's a crappy quality sample of another song off the new album.
Tori Amos - "Bouncing Off Clouds"

And now for some linkage!

>>Filter has a nice little review of the new Ryan Adams, Easy Tiger. Damnit, I love Ryan Adams.

>>If you weren't quick enough to get tickets to see Damien Rice this month ('s definitely SOLD OUT), don't worry, he's going to announce another tour in the US pretty soon. So, you can wait for him to come back in September.

>>Rolling Stone reports on Bo Diddley's health. Apparently, guitars really can make you better. Like I didn't already know that...

>>I can relate to this, since I am a HUGE fan of fun socks and other forms of hosiery. Andrew Bird's followers seem to be as well.

>>Since we seem to be on singer/songwriters today, let's throw Josh Rouse into the mix. Why? Because I don't think he sucks, that's why.

>>If I could travel more, I might want this, but since I don't, it's not important.

>> mean Iggy Pop actually thinks this is okay? If it were me, I might want someone not known as a big-eared elf of some sort to play me...

>>Um, I just wanted coffee...

>>Aw, Brandon, does your throat hurt?

>>If you're paying for uncensored radio, should it not be uncensored? Just a thought.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mixed Tape for the Sane.

>>Lately, I think I'm losing my mind. The following artists are helping me keep it:

-Damien Rice (sample: "Volcano")
Anyone who personally knows me knows how my face lights up with the mention of this man and his music. It's the stuff that takes me on a roller coaster of emotion so high that I feel like I'm never going to come down from it, even if down is where it initially brings me. Good for long, hot bath sessions, making out, driving long distances, or any other time when a mood must be set.

-Emiliana Torrini (sample: "To Be Free")
What can I say about this little lady except for that she's simply phenomenal? Simply put. Really, at first listen, I was hooked like a twenty pound bass in an Alabama lake.

-French Kicks (sample: "So Far We Are")
This guy that sings has a very distinct voice that when I'm tooling around at work and hear it come across the shuffle, I just know it's this band. They stand out. They flow like the tides after a California sunset...calm, yet quick.

-Old 97s (sample: "Jagged")
This band is my all time favorite, hands down, no argument, do not pass GO, do not collect $200. I'll admit it took me at least three months to really let it sink in, and now I'm so addicted to it that two years later, I'm still listening to the 97s on a daily basis. Fo real, yo. It's alt-country at it's finest, and the lyrics are so true and unassuming that you'll find yourself thinking, "Man, how does he know?!" after you've delved into it far enough. I'm not going to say it's for everyone, 'cause it's not, but I will tell you that a special music lover will live, learn, and love some Old 97s.

-Sia (sample: "Breathe Me")
This chick is the female version of Damien Rice as far as I'm concerned. More than one person has commented that her music will save your life. A little extreme, I know, but you're probably a music addict if you're reading this, so you may agree...

-Yo La Tengo (sample: "Autumn Sweater")
Who doesn't love Yo La Tengo? No one I know. So chill, so dead on, so perfect. I looooove them, and have been leaning on their stuff to keep me going. It's superbly awesome and suddenly appropriate for whatever the case may be.

I hope these put you in a stellar mood like they do for me. I highly recommend all the full-lengths of all the artists, and if you're disappointed at all in any of them, please let me know, and I will give you my address so you can send me nasty letters telling me how much I suck.

Thanks to Ally for tipping me off about Sia and Emiliana... Word.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

what's a girl to do?

i just got word that THE WHITE STRIPES will be playing an intimate show at the cannery ballroom in nashville this friday, may 18. friday also happens to be the day that bright eyes is playing at the fox theatre here in town. this presents a HUGE problem for me.

on one side, the white stripes are one of my all-time favorite bands and i have yet to see them perform live. my music midtown opportunity two years ago was destroyed by a very soggy bonnaroo. i know they are playing the roo this year, but i'm still not 100% sure i'm gonna be able to make the trek to manchester this year. i just feel that to see the stripes in a venue like the cannery ballroom is a once in a lifetime thing.

mp3: the white stripes - "little ghost"

and then on the other, there's bright eyes... oh that conor. he is without a doubt, completely and utterly brilliant. i practically worship everything he's ever done. i'm talking even back to his commander venus days. i've had the pleasure of seeing him live and he's just as spectacular. it's hard to imagine how incredible he will sound at the fox, too. so what do i do?????

mp3: bright eyes - "lover i don't have to love"

if you're interested in the white stripes show, tickets are going on sale tomorrow exclusively through their site HERE. maybe i'll see you there or maybe i won't.

If You Play This Record Backwards You Won't Hear A Message From Satan

Confession #7

"Cameron and I entered a talent contest at his elementary school when we were in the 1st grade. We played the Pink Panther theme song and our version of the Magnum P.I. theme song. Somehow, we lost to a baton twirling cheerleader who dropped the batons every time she threw them into the air. Clearly, I'm still bitter about the loss." -- Gabe Archer from The Pale Pacific [SideCho Records]

You might remember Bellingham, WA artists The Pale (now The Pale Pacific due to a legal battle over their former moniker), from their single "Gravity Gets Things Done" that tore up West Coast radio a few years back. You might also know them from their Split Picture Disc with Copeland that was released some time ago on SideCho Records. Either way, they're a really talented group and they have been hibernating for the past year. I caught up with lead vocalist Gabe Archer last week and found out that not only will they be back on the local Washington scene this summer . . . they're writing and starting recording plans for a new release slated for fall. Until then, you can keep yourself occupied by checking out some of Gabe's solo work and some tracks he collaborated on with Finder. If you need a refresher course, here's a little music treat for you courtesy of The Pale Pacific.

MP3 - "Gravity Gets Things Done" - The Pale Pacific

The Burden Brothers (who evolved from The Toadies) are playing a secret show in Chicago on May 21st. You have to be 21+ to attend but if you're in the area and you want to go, email Kirtland Records and include your mailing address and they'll hook you up. Email:

MYTH: Punk, metal, and rock always have a bad influence on kids.

TRUTH: You don't always have to hear Satan when you play your records backwards ;)

The Vans Warped Tour is one of the most influential channels in which both music and information are passed to teens and they're proving this year that music can actually have a positive influence. Warped has teamed up with Music Saves Lives to show their appreciation for kiddos who donate blood by rewarding them with backstage passes to see their favorite artists during the tour. I'd say that's a pretty good use of their platform! Click here for a list of blood drive locations.

As I said back in April, I dig Nerdkween and plan to hit her next show in Atlanta at The Drunken Unicorn on May 24th. She's supporting Strezo for their CD release. If you aren't familiar with them, here's a track:

MP3: "Under Rotting Wood" - Strezo

Nuggets for You to Chew On.

Here's some scattered info. Enjoy.

>>Rolling Stone reports on the ever elusive Weezer and their plans for a sixth album. Wait a minute, didn't they, like, break-up...or something? Hey, as long as they can rediscover the badassness of those blue and green albums, then I'm in. Otherwise, I'll just continue to Make Believe the last one didn't happen...

>>If I had talent to sing and play guitar (well, more than the six chords I actually know how to play now...), then I'm pretty sure I would be much like this chick, who I've been listening to, yet, somehow, failed to mention thus far. Jenny Owen Youngs had me with "F*ck Was I," and if you have boobs and friends that are boys, then you'll probably get it. If not, move along...

>>Kiss Atlanta is celebrating four years, and if you've been under a rock, then just take my word for it...they know how to celebrate over there. Join them.

>>My favorite print publication, Filter, is presenting this lovely DJ tour with Ladytron, who kicks ass. They'll be at MJQ tonight.

>>Speaking of Filter, guess who is covering the BRMC show here in Atlanta for their blog tourzine...

>>The Smashing Pumpkins have set up a couple of residencies. My thought on this? Well, last time I checked, I hung up the nineties. Check back with me in a couple of years when I'm 30 and long for the days of high school and sneaking black hair dye and cigarettes into my bathroom.

>>Next Monday, May 21st, Sweetwater Brewery is having one of their hippie-fied events (Save the Hooch) at Park Tavern with Blueground Undergrass. It's $5.00.

>>The Bridges are going to be at Smith's this Friday. You should go. They're awesome. Unless you're under 21, then you'll just have to suck it up that you're not old enough to get into the best small venue in Atlanta to see a kick ass band play.

>>Hey now, hey now, don't dream it's over...

I've never wanted a burrito as badly as I do right this minute.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Props All Around.

Friday night I hit Smith's Olde Bar again for the almost last night of 500 Songs for Kids extravaganza. Wow. I was really blown away. I stayed from the very first song til the very last, and I was in awe at how amazing everyone performed.

A couple of acts really stood out in the covers they played of Rolling Stone's top 500 songs of all time. I was highly impressed with Daddy a Go-Go's cover of "Blitzkreig Bop" because he had a bunch of young kids on stage (when I say young, I mean pre-teen) and they absolutely stole the show early on in the night. It takes guts, and they showed up and brought their "A" game.

The Bridges came into town to perform "California Dreamin'" by the Mama and the Papas, and it was insane how awesome it sounded with the harmonies they brought. Definitely a hit with the crowd. (Check out a full show from them at Smith's on May 18th...) Harrison Hudson got up and performed a Bruce Springsteen song solo and I really enjoyed that as well. Probably the defining moment, though, was when James Hall did Procol Harem's "Whiter Shade of Pale." Oh. My. God. Have you ever been completely mesmerized by someone that you have a paralyzing out-of-body experience for a solid three and half minutes? Uh, yeah, that's what happened to me. It prompted me to check him out even further, and of course, I'm now in love. You might remember Pleasure Club, which is where Mr. Hall came from. That song is one of my all time favorites anyway, but to see someone do it justice in a cover is the poo.

Procol Harem - "Whiter Shade of Pale"

At the end of the night, which brought 50 different music acts from all over the place, the songs left over that weren't assigned to anyone were covered by the musicians left in the room. I have to respect the hell out of all of them considering they basically got up and played these songs without any practice whatsoever. Seriously. It was completely ad-libbed. Buffalo Springfield's "For What it's Worth" had members from The Futurists (singer John Lindsey), Rantings of Eva (singer Ryan Flanagan), Second Shift (guitarist Wes Hoffman), Trances Arc (bassist Danny Silvestri), and The Whigs backing James Hall. It was pretty super sweet. Kind of reminded me of that video for "We Are the World" since it was such a collective effort specifically for a charity event.

Buffalo Springfield - "For What It's Worth"

There was a point in the night, however, where I actually felt like my ears were being violated. Most of that has to do with the fact that I keep hearing things about The Coathangers around town, and they were nice enough to cover "Bo Diddley" for this event. Honestly, it was a little embarrassing as I looked around the room while they were playing, and the crowd mostly had a look of utter disbelief on their faces. Sure, it's a band made up of four chicks. Sure, they have instruments, so that's appealing. The problem is, you should know how to play those instruments...and the vocals were a combination of talking and screeching into the microphone. It actually hurt my ears. It might sound horrible that I'm dogging despite the fact that they were doing something philanthropic, but this is more to address the hype surrounding them than anything else. I'll just know now that I'm not missing anything spectacular by skipping one of the many shows they play...

However, that's only my opinion, and we've already established that I'm so not cool or hip to anything most people find amazing, so whatev.

This entire event brought out lots of people from all kinds of places and backgrounds, and there were crazy amounts of money donated, and it's all thanks to Josh Rifkind. If you happen to see him emerge from a hibernation after this whole fiasco, you should shake his hand and tell him how awesome he is, whether you contributed to this whole 10 days of greatness or not. It takes one hell of an individual to devote this much time to something that will eventually end up helping the less fortunate. Here's what he looks like in case you bump into him:

My hat is off to you, Mr. Rifkind!

Friday, May 11, 2007

"Did you come here for my money? I gotta know, did you come here for the show?"

Why is Tally Hall so damned addictive? Atlantic is re-releasing their 2005 album Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum while the band claims to be working on a large-scale project to coincide with the re-release. This project must be something if it’s keeping the band holed up off the road this long . . . they haven’t played many shows other than SxSW in March and last week’s gig at NYC’s Knitting Factory with Action Action. If you aren’t already a fan, check them out. They’re Queen on crack and I’m in love with “Good Day” although their cover of The Killers “Smile Like You Mean It” is pretty campy.

It’s old news but The Afghan Whigs are putting out a compilation of old songs with two new treats ("I'm a Soldier" and "Magazine") thrown in for hard-core fans. The album is called Unbreakable and it's out June 5th. If you consider yourself a hardcore fan, shoot me an email and I’ll tell you a secret.

The Florida Music Festival is going down next week (May 16-20, 2007). You’ll have to visit the site and judge this year’s headliners for yourself as I’m not going to get opinionated here. I will say that Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music is in the line-up and after all these years he still kicks it.

Be sure to catch Pretty Girls Make Graves at The Earl in Atlanta on Tuesday May 22nd because this tour will be their last. Losing a band member has destroyed their will to carry on.

Early bird tickets for The Austin City Limits Festival (September 14-16, 2007) are sold out, but have no fear . . . you won’t get a monetary break, but you can still get in as of now. This year’s line-up looks killer -- Damien Rice, Muse, Amy Winehouse, Spoon, Atlanta’s hometown hero Butch Walker and about a hundred more acts.

The Ike Reilly Assassination’s new disc We Belong To The Staggering Evening, dropped last Tuesday and to put it bluntly, I am in love. This album, available on iTunes, is chock full of as much brilliantly off-putting material as his earlier albums like Salesmen and Racists and Cars & Girls & Drinks & Songs. The biggest difference in Staggering is that there’s no major label involved (like in his early works) so it’s free to be grittier and more lo-fi which seems like a good fit for the subject matter. Ike has all of the pop-sensibility of a devious, swaggering version of Tom Petty and he makes politically mouthy artists like Green Day and The Dixie Chicks look like fluffy little kittens. The band is touring behind this album and just announced their first round of dates. The new single “When Irish Eyes are Burning” is on their Myspace page but for instant gratification here are some music treats (that aren’t posted anywhere else) courtesy of the Ike Reilly Assassination:

“You’re So Plain” – Ike Reilly Assassination

“8 More Days Til The 4th of July” – Ike Reilly Assassination

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

How To Make Everyone Happy.

You collect the most extensive set of mp3s in your inbox, and then unleash them all at once. It's like a crapshoot. I'll do you a favor and just put up anything that seems even a little bit decent, mkay? Wouldn't want anyone else but myself to do the work here...

>>>FYI - I would like to point out that there is an awesomely amazing charity event going on at Smith's Olde Bar this week thanks to Josh Rifkind called 500 Songs for Kids. I've already mentioned it somewhere along the line, but now that it's going on, you need to take your $7.00 and bring your booty up there one night this week. I'll probably go tomorrow, but will definitely be there Friday, and I hear that some big names will be closing it out on Saturday. Check out the site for more info.

>>>Oh, and I don't know who Captain Burrito is, but hey, I think this tidbit he (I'm guessing it's a he) sent might be something you'll dig...a secret show!

Bright Eyes with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Saturday, August 25
Classic Chastain summer concert series
Chastain Park Amphitheater
4469 Stella Drive, Atlanta, GA 30342

>>>Keep your calendars open for the Virginia Highlands Summerfest because the line-up for this year looks stellar. Thanks to Swirly for sending it to me so I can share with you. I'm sure when the time gets closer, you'll know more, but last year, the festival was on Virginia Avenue right there by Taco Mac, where I tend to spend lots of time. And money.


DJ Moneyshot

Drivin’ N Cryin


Peter Searcy

Shannon McNally

Sons of William

Tyrone Wells



DJ Moneyshot

Marc Broussard


The Beggers Guild

Tim Brantley

>>>Annnnd, this is one of the coolest things ever...MTV is recognizing the blossoming rock scene we have here in Atlanta. Watch! I've spoken of Snowden before because they are the poo.

Atlanta on MTV

>>Here's a sample from the Nick Drake album that has lots of unreleased stuff on it that fans of him will love to get their hands on.

Nick Drake - "They're Leaving Me Behind"

>>So there's this band from New Zealand called Motocade who sent me a couple of samples from their recently released EP, and I'm putting one up because I like it. The sound much reminds me of something like We Are Scientists, who I dig. This track stuck out to me, and from what I've been told, it's the title track. So, if you like that punky kind of rock sound, then you will probably want to click below.

Motocade - "Into the Fall"

>>I just got a couple of mp3s today of The Mystery Jets that I'm kind of fond of. There's that pronounced British accent thing going on, and that pretty much does it for me. No tour dates for Atlanta, but if you're on the west coast, then you're set. Check their site for more...

The Mystery Jets - "Diamonds in the Dark"
The Mystery Jets - "The Boy Who Ran Away"

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

"they are calling me, but they don't know i can't stay all night long..."

1 japanese chick + 2 italian twin brothers = well-crafted, whimsical pop

it's taken me a while to get into blonde redhead. mainly because i tend to avoid anything that has to do with redheads... it's just some weird phobia that i have. when i finally got around to listening, i was surprised because the band is actually pretty kick ass. blonde redhead is definitely worthy of all the blog hype they've been receiving. i'm not familiar with their early stuff, which is quite extensive, but i can tell you that 23 is great from beginning to end, though, it is a little bit of what i like to call a "safe album" because it lacks some variety. i'll put it on one song and then 10 minutes later i'm wondering why the song hasn't ended yet. but then again- if something works, why change it?

i highly suggest you catch blonde redhead and annuals (whom we all know i adore) friday night at the variety playhouse. tickets are still available here.

and i feel like i should be sitting in front of a canvas when i listen to this song...

mp3: blonde redhead - "dr. strangeluv"