Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend Update.

Confession #6

"I admit to having a massive man-crush on Justin Timberlake. I like James Morrison…and I’m not into soccer mom rock. I have an irrational hatred for most contemporary hip hop. It sucks, it’s retarded and I don’t ironically listen to it to seem hip and street. I also feel the same way about emo. It’s as bland as 80s hair metal was. But with a different haircut and belt (I’m allowed to say this because I was in a shitty hair metal band when I was little). I pee before going onstage…5 or 6 times. Then I do a shot of whiskey. Then I scream as loud and as high as I can for 1 minute. I tape my boot zippers up. Every time I hit certain notes onstage, I pee a little in my pants. Not much, just a drop or two. I’m a red wine aficionado and snob. I hate bad breath. I love puppy breath. This is feeling so 'MySpace profile…'" – Butch Walker

If you weren’t at the Tabernacle Friday night, then you missed Ally falling down the stairs. You also missed a really super animated show given by Butch Walker. Honestly, the guy is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Ally and I stood back by the bar and made sure to sing the ballads to each other as loud as we could without people hearing us butcher them. Looking around at the teenage show-goers made me reminisce back to my high school days when I would follow this kind of poppy rock stuff religiously. So much, in fact, that I decided to get in character for a minute to ask my man friend if he wanted to come hang out in my hot tub after the show since my parents were out of town (wink, wink).

Seriously, though, I’ve always said Mr. Walker is much underappreciated by the music community, and I’m hoping that after this tour (which just ended), people will wake up and realize he’s a performer to be reckoned with. He rules the stage, which is evident when you see him and he just demands your attention. No one else up there with him can do that.


On the local front, I managed to catch James Hall Saturday night, and this was my first time witnessing him. I’ve always heard great things, and now I know why. The sound is very in-your-face and captivating. I’ll be going to see him again when he plays a full show. Although, he will be playing during the 500 Songs for Kids shindig on May 11 at Smith’s Olde Bar if you happen to be there for that.


Don't forget that this Thursday, CoaMA will be sponsoring an unplugged show in the Atlanta Room at Smith's Olde Bar with Jonathan Eller, Dreaden, Harrison Hudson, and Elevation. You should probably scrape together $6 and come see them and say hey to us. Word.
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