Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"somebody get my phone so i can throw it in a public pool and watch it float..."

confession #4:

"i always get told i look like ugly celebrities."
-adam of the academy is...

the academy is... have given me another reason to love boy bands with their newest release, santi. maybe i'm biased, but i can't quit listening to this album.

2005's almost here will always be one of my favorite albums. that's just how it is. period. but santi is pretty damn awesome, too. so i sat out on my balcony for a long time yesterday dissecting each song and comparing how the two albums differ as a whole. i concluded that the guys have ditched pop for what i'm calling after-sex rock. bill's vocals sound like he's just had an amazing shag session (leah quit drooling). the only exception to this would be on "everything we had". i don't know what happened on that song. it's the only one i skip. maybe i just can't take him seriously, who knows... in my opinion, "seed" is their strongest track and also my favorite. i love the "yeahhhh...haha" part. then there's "sleeping with giants" which starts a little slow, but then turns into one hell of a ballad with some killer guitar riffs. the track "neighbors" is another favorite thanks to siska's bass lines and butcher's drumming. choosing to work with producer butch walker was the right move because santi is a solid album. i'm just thankful they didn't succumb to the whole hip-hop thing that is so popular with other fueled by ramen bands right now.

put simply- buy this album. i did. twice.

mp3: the academy is... - "we've got a big mess on our hands"
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