Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"lots of people are brave until they find themselves alone..."

oh mr. fairchild, where have you been all my life?

jim fairchild, aka all smiles, is more likely known for his contribution to the late, great band known as grandaddy, but don't presume for a moment that his solo effort is anything less than spectacular. despite preconceived notions, jim's vox are nothing at all like jason lytle's. they are much softer and in some ways, ben kweller-like. the album, ten readings of a warning, is centered around piano and acoustic guitar melodies. "summer stay" is the most upbeat track and could easily be placed in some melodramatic, west coast reality tv show. whereas, "of course it's not up to me" is a slower, piano number that almost makes you think he's sitting right beside you. whatever the style, all smiles is more than worth checking out. in fact, it's a must. you can catch him friday night (4/6) at the tabernacle with the decemberists.

mp3: all smiles - "of course it's not up to me"

mp3: all smiles - "moth in a cloud of smoke"
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