Sunday, April 01, 2007

"common sense won't pay the rent and doesn't grow on trees..."

confession #3:

"i once had a glow in the dark skeleton named lynyrd no-skynyrd. i found him at a crash site."
-darroh of fair to midland

while prog rock is not exactly the type of music i listen to these days, there's no denying that fair to midland have a powerful sound that 105.3 the buzz lovers will soon worship.

aside from the obvious influence of tool and the mars volta, i now understand why i was reminded of system of a down when i listened to these guys. turns out system's lead singer, serj tankian, personally selected the band for his label, serjical strike records. the thing that catches me about this band is their awesome creativity that they've integrated throughout their music, lyrics, and even song titles. their name even comes from an old texan saying "fair to middling". their forthcoming LP, fables from a mayfly, hits stores june 12. in the meantime, they've been busy touring with flyleaf, as i lay dying, poison the well, and fear before the march of flames. they also are scheduled to play both coachella and bamboozle (which i'm still contemplating this year).

fair to midland is the type of band that you need to see live in order to fully "get it". be sure to catch them tomorrow night, 4/2, at the masquerade with flyleaf. doors @ 7. word.

mp3: fair to midland - "vice versa"
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