Friday, April 20, 2007

Calendar Entries Out the Booty.

My calendar is stacked for the next two weeks. Boohoo. Whenever will I sleep? I've begun a strict diet of coffee and nicotine as of today until May.

>>>Tonight, April 20th, Butch Walker will be at the Tabernacle. I'm going, because Butch himself was a doll enough to pen me in on the list. If you haven't seen him, I highly recommend it. The dude is energetic and talented, and he's from Atlanta! That's always kick ass. The Honorary Title is opening up, and I actually really like them, too, so big ups there. Ticket info here. I hope to have debaucherous stories after this show. Fo real. I'm going to try to get a bad boy confession from Mr. Walker...

>>>Tomorrow night, April 21st, I have to go to a wedding. But don't think I'm not going to haul ass back to civlization after it to catch Rantings of Eva and James Hall play the Julia Dream's CD Release show at Vinyl. 'Cause I am. I'm thinking of dressing like a total hooker just for shock value. $10.00.

>>>Sunday night, April 22nd, the Killers play the Fox. If you don't have tickets, tough shit. It's sold out, and has been for a while.

>>>April 26th: Get off your ass and come to Smith's Olde Bar to see this happen and to say hello to us, the ladies who write this little bloggity blog. Now's your chance to tell us how much you love us...or hate us. We'll take either. And I drink vodka.

>>>Friday, April 27th: Go to the Drunken Unicorn to see one of my favorite local bands, Summerbirds in the Cellar. Cinemachanica is also playing. Yay! Really, Summerbirds are smashing my face with their tunes. Anyone know a good plastic surgeon?

>>>Saturday, April 28th: I'm out for shows this night. Why? Because it's Metal Month, and Claire and I are throwing a Cry Tough Metal Bash. I'll probably pass out before 11:00p.m., as we're starting early. I'm so seriously metal, I got a girl who looks just like me to pose for the invite...

Lastly, a big HELL YEAH to Snowden, who will be touring with Kings of Leon. Those guys completely deserve it, because they make music that makes you feel good.
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